My Grandfather Was A Big Fat Liar!

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Both Bimbo and I have told stories on Jammy Toast previously about my Grandfather. We have also told you how we called him “Da” because my mother called him “Dad” and I was too young to pronounce “Dad”. The poor guy was called “Da” for the remainder of his life. I have also told the story of our Saturday afternoons spent eating steak and kidney pudding and chips from the chippy out of the paper – much to my Grandmother’s annoyance – followed by a rum baba and washed down with glasses of “full-fat” Coca-Cola and a good read of the Tiger comic. Bimbo has also told the story of how – for a short time, anyway – we thought Da was a gangster. However, the one thing we have never told you was that he was also a big fat liar. Let me explain…