Razzi Finds New Love

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Vicki Adams in action.

Razzi has not been himself for a little while. In fact, not since it became clear that the love of his life – Cher Lloyd – was pregnant and expecting a baby with her husband. Razzi was under the impression that Cher only married Craig Monk because of the ignominy of being in a relationship with a bear. She swore to him that she really loved Razzi and her marriage to Craig was just a front for the benefit of her fans and to protect Razzi from the glare of the being in the spotlight. However, we now believe that Razzi has a new love in his life.

Get Well Soon, Kev

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Kevin Smith in his hospital bed at Glendate Hospital.

Here at Jammy Toast we all love filmmaker and actor Kevin Smith and his films are amongst our all-time favourites. So we were totally shocked to read his tweet the other day stating he had had a massive heart attack after performing on stage and thought he was about to die. The director of Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Chasing Amy, had finished one of two shows when he fell ill on Sunday. The 47-year-old was rushed to hospital and says doctors found one of his arteries was totally blocked. “I faced my greatest fear tonight… and it wasn’t as bad as I’ve always imagined it’d be,” he tweeted. In a tweet written from his hospital bed in LA, Smith said he was reminded of his father, who died after a heart attack.

The Angry Andreaa Show #9

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Davidd askedd Mee Too Ritee Yass Anuffa Storyy Coss Wee Still Waitinn Forr daa Slackker Chimptonn Too Doo 1 Likke .. Dunno Whyy I Bovverr Thoo Coss Lasst Storii I Wrotee Yaa Davidd Saidd Itt Crashedd Daa SpellChekker — Da Cheekii Cuntt !! Soo Anywayss I Fawtt Idd Tell yaa Abwtt Goinn Me Granddadds .. Nott Daa 1 Whoo Livess Wiff Uss Deee Ovverr 1 .. Hees Mee Dadds Dadd iff Yaa Gett Mee .. Daa Granddadd Whoo Livss Wiff Uss Forgetts Stufff .. Hess Gott Dat Brainn Fingg Wherr Yaa Forgett Everythngg Lykk Grannyy ,, Butt Mee Dadds Dadd is Sowndd .. Mee Nann Diedd Yearrs Agoo Soo I Neverr Wentt 2 see Mee Granddadd for Agess Coss Itt Wozz Justt Too Upsettinn lykk .. Soo I wennt aftaa Werkk For Thaa First Time In Lykk 7 Years ..

Bear Music #69

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There is nothing we love more here at Jammy Toast than listening to some of our favourite tunes. From time to time we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to you; our friends. We often feature music that you may not have come across before, or music that maybe you just missed the first time around. Try and listen with an open mind, you never know, you may find something you can add to your iPod. If you have any music videos you would like us to feature then drop us a line – we are always happy to listen to requests but we cannot promise to feature everyone’s favourite

The Old Photograph

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Iwas having a little rummage through a box of old photographs the other day when I came across this negative. It shows a man and a woman standing proudly behind a pram containing a young child. The man, upon first inspection, seemed to be holding a dog. Just who these people were I had no idea, but it caught my imagination and I was determined to find out as much as I could.

Talking Shit #92

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Today we are going to ask everyone who visits Jammy Toast to just “Talk Shit” for the day. We ask that anyone who visits Jammy Toast leaves a comment on just about any subject they choose. Funny or sad, true or false, real or fake; we don’t give a shit as long as it is entertaining and doesn’t really hurt anyone. We ask you to do this because we are too busy to think of anything else to post – hopefully everyone will like the freedom to whine and bitch. The rules are pretty simple to explain – basically, anything goes!

Geoffrey Hughes

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The entrance to Bristol-Myers Squibb today.

The first job I had when I left school was working for the pharmaceutical company ER Squibb & Sons, which is now called Bristol-Myers Squibb. I think the first job for anybody after leaving school is a difficult time in life because you slowly start losing contact with all your old school friends and start making friends in the “adult” world. Probably my first friend as an adult was a guy by the name of Geoffrey Hughes. I say friend but in reality it was probably a bit more like hero worship because Geoff was everything I wanted to be. He was fairly good looking and pretty handy with the girls and liked a drink or two. He was what you would call a typical man’s man of the time whereas I was only around eighteen and still wet behind the ears.