Mr Benn Joins Jammy Toast

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Yesterday we welcomed George Bear to Jammy Toast as our new Sports Correspondent and today we would like to welcome a former star of a television series by the name of Mr Benn. Mr Benn first appeared in several books and a television series originally transmitted by the BBC in 1971 and 1972. Whether in a book, or on television, Mr Benn’s adventures take on a similar pattern. Mr Benn is always very smartly turned out in a black suit and a bowler hat. He leaves his house at 52 Festive Road and visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited by the moustachioed, fez-wearing shopkeeper to try on an outfit. He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back of the changing room and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure. Mr Benn’s adventures always contain a moral.