The Angry Andreaa Show #25

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Police searching off Whitefield Drive in Kirkby.

Yas Must Know By Now That I Live In Kirkby And I Admit Its Not The Best Place In The World And Ya Can Even Call It Rough.. But Its Not As Bad As Dee Make Out.. I Was Lookin’ In Da Echo The Other Night && The Only Stories I Found About Kirkby Was A Drug Dealer Getting Jailed, A Woman Slashed In The Stomach During A Fight, A Woman Who Had Bricks Thrown At Her By Lads Tryin To Steal Her Dog, A Woman In Another Fight Had Her Finger Bitten Off, Armed Police Called To A Gang Armed With Baseball Bats, A Triple High-Speed Car Chase Through Kirkby Involving Two Burglars && The Vile Bastards Who Neglected Their Mother && Left Her To Be Eaten Alive By Maggots.. Fuck Me That Was Just In Kirkby On One Day!!