Razzi Writes #69

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Hello everyone, Razzi here. I thought it was about time I wrote on Jammy Toast again because things are going to rack and ruin. It’s getting that bad that last week we even missed a rather special birthday. Sooty – the water-pistol toting bear – was seventy last Thursday. When Harry Corbett bought the glove puppet from Blackpool’s North Pier in 1948, I bet he couldn’t have believed he was teaming up with a future telly star. Sooty cost Harry 7s/6d (about £11.50 in today’s money) but proved a bargain as he grew from those humble beginnings into a star of stage and screen. Sooty prefers to let his wand and water-pistol do the talking and none of us has ever heard Sooty talk. And yet the bear who loves performing his magic tricks has still managed to have a catchphrase – “Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy”.