Picture Of The Day #122

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Ihave no idea why I have chosen this as a Picture Of The Day. Maybe it is the sad, old face of the donkey or maybe it is that donkeys are not supposed to be alone on a beach – there should be a whole drove of donkeys. The photograph is by Stephen Denning who took it on the sands in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire. It is simply called, “One lone donkey waits on the sand.” There is, however, something about the picture which makes you want to know more about the donkey. Why is he alone? What is he waiting for? They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case the picture asks a thousand questions – none of which I have an answer for…

Andreaa’s Funnies #25

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Hiya.. Its 12 o’clock && time for sum of me funnies again now that Davidd has stoppedd geggin in on me column.. In case yaas forgot, every Saturday I play yas sumthin funny.. First we played yaa sum Billy && Wally but we pure ran out of them.. Then we played yaas some Snelly Phone Scams.. Then we moved on to some of them FoneJackers.. We heard some Terry Tibbs and some George Agdgdgwngo and even Mr Doovda.. These days tho we have moved on to Paul Smith who is a comedian from Dovecot in Liverpool && hes like dead funny.. I know yas will like him..