Our Granny #27

Posted by Lord Davidd of Birko OBE DASc on
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Granny wakes up in bed on Sunday morning and can hear the bird tweeting away on the roof over the road. He often decides it is time for people to get up long before they would rather get out of bed. He sings his very loud songs to remind people that, in his opinion, it is time to get out of bed. It is still early but once Granny is awake there is no turning back. She gets up, does her morning ablutions and heads downstairs to face the day. First job is to let Rico Rescue Dog out and then gets a glass of water to take her tablets. Granny has one of those clever containers for her tablets with the days of the week marked off so you know whether you have taken that days tablets or not. Saturday’s tablets are still in the box. “Hell’s bells and buckets of blood,” granny announces to the world as she realises she has forgotten to take her tablets yesterday.