Pot Noodle’s Say #5

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There are a few things in life that fry ur head. Things like goin’ the dentist, crashin’ ur car into some juice head, findin’ out your ex bird is preggo an its probably yours and using them stupid fuckin’ “Link” cash machines (wool as fuck them). Worse than any of these things to any scouse lad is of course, going shopping with his bird. Girls seem to take great satisfaction in dragging their fella out the shops, and for what? Some grown man sulking along behind you like a kid wanting football stickers for school. I’m not even talking about the money issue, the modern scouse female doesn’t need our money lads. They dont need it, but will spend it like there is no tomorrow should you offer to pay and if your a wool reading this, you should know that your new scouse bird will have at least 30% of your wages spent in her head, before you’ve even seen it. Soz abah them, it’s just in their nature.