Pot Noodle’s Say #7

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Although I’ve been a member of facebook since abah 2007, its really starting to get on my bleedn wick! This must mean that I actually hate everyone I know, obviously, because everyone I know is on there, and they make it shit. So. Yerno. The thing with facebook is that it forces you to tell people stuff you wouldn’t normally even think to yourself. My timeline is full of shite like “starving”, “ughh I hate Mondays” “cant believe this rain” “fumin” game invites, boring twats tryna add my birthday to some bullshit app, “farmville” and some other bollocks about egg hunting or suttn. The other thing that I’ve noticed is those stupid quotations like “true love is when you sniff your mans clothes when he’s not there”. This shit is normally accompanied by a man and a woman walking down a beach, in the sunset. Yawn, who comes up with this shit?