The Andreaa Angel Show #62

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If there is one thing I fuckin’ hate about coming back from holiday is everyone asking if you had a good time.. What’s worse than that is when you had a godshite of a holiday!! It all went wrong right from the start.. We got to Manchester airport && there was a power cut.. The whole airport wasn’t cut off just the bit that pumps fuel into aeroplanes && our plane only had 2 hours of fuel on it.. It takes about 4 hours to fly to Turkey.. So we sat in the plane for 2½ hours thinking what to do next.. Then some fucking brain-of-britain contestant said why dont we fly somewhere else && refuel there?? Brilliant.. So we took off && flew to Birmingham airport but because we weren’t meant to go there we had to circle for 40 minutes waiting for permission to land.. Yea great idea that!!