Jammy Toast Returns

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Hello Toasters, it is great to be back… we have missed you all – well, most of you anyway. First of all we would just like to apologise for our sudden disappearance without any notice but everything suddenly fell into place for us to do the upgrades that have been overdue for some time. The more observant of you may notice that we have split Jammy Toast in half too. Here on jammytoast.com we are only now hosting posts from September 2015 onwards. The plan is to create another site which will become an archive for all our old post prior to that date right back to when we started in June 2006.

Razzi Writes #77

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Ihave always been a Royalist bear, I love our Royal Family. The Queen does so much for this country even in her later years, whenever she is needed she heads off to foreign shores to sell England and of course she is respected all over the world. Even Prince Philip’s famous gaffs have kept me entertained over the years. Some of his quotes are legendary; “When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.” However, there is no excuse for Prince Andrew and his behaviour. I really think that he thinks as a member of the Royal Family he is above reproach. He has now found out that he is not.

Dan’s World #1

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The first episode of Dan’s World is dedicated to Paddington the Bear. I mean, why not? The first book about Paddington was written in 1958 by the great writer Michael Bond – sixty one years ago. Michael Bond had been writing about Paddington for sixty years and it was the first thing I bought in London when I visit Paddington Station. This is also how Paddington came there. He went all the way as a stowaway from darkest Peru where he used to live with his Aunt and his late Uncle. He went to London and then he emerged on Paddington Station and that is where the Browns, an English family, took him in.

Paddington Bear #39

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Paddington Bear is famous the world over, having been translated into 30 different languages and sold more than 30 million books worldwide. This current batch of stories are taken from his fourth book; “Paddington Abroad” which was first published in 1961. It was written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. The polite immigrant bear from darkest Peru, with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffle coat and love of marmalade sandwiches has become a classic character from English literature. Here at Jammy Toast, we are pleased to bring you some more of the tales which have made Paddington Famous the world over

Bear Music #151

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There is nothing we love more here at Jammy Toast than listening to some of our favourite tunes. From time to time we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to you; our friends. We often feature music that you may not have come across before, or music that maybe you just missed the first time around. Try and listen with an open mind, you never know, you may find something you can add to your iPod. If you have any music videos you would like us to feature then drop us a line – we are always happy to listen to requests but we cannot promise to feature everyone’s favourite

The Shop Most People Miss The Most

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Over the last few years a multitude of big name companies have disappeared from our high streets, but which one do you think most people would like to see return? Walk down any local high street today and you may see a number of empty store fronts that once belonged to the likes of Littlewoods, Toys R Us and BHS. During the last ten years a number of our favourite shops have been lost but which closure do people feel the most strongly about? Well, according to a recent poll, Woolworths is the store that the nation misses the most and would like to have back on the high street. Woolies went into administration in 2009 but people still miss their Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets.

Talking Shit #182

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Today we are going to ask everyone who visits Jammy Toast to just “Talk Shit” for the day. We ask that anyone who visits Jammy Toast leaves a comment on just about any subject they choose. Funny or sad, true or false, real or fake; we don’t give a shit as long as it is entertaining and doesn’t really hurt anyone. We ask you to do this because we are too busy to think of anything else to post – hopefully everyone will like the freedom to whine and bitch. The rules are pretty simple to explain – basically, anything goes!