Talking Shit #191

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Today we are going to ask everyone who visits Jammy Toast to just “Talk Shit” for the day. We ask that anyone who visits Jammy Toast leaves a comment on just about any subject they choose. Funny or sad, true or false, real or fake; we don’t give a shit as long as it is entertaining and doesn’t really hurt anyone. We ask you to do this because we are too busy to think of anything else to post – hopefully everyone will like the freedom to whine and bitch. The rules are pretty simple to explain – basically, anything goes!

The Andreaa Angel Show #93

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Iwas only sayin to Davidd the other day that everything is goin great with me new job && no disasters in me family, what the fuck am i gonna write about .. I neednt have worried, it soon turned shit .. Our Alisha rang me to ask if she could come the gym with me so me just feeling in a funny mood replied, “No ya can’t, ya fat rat!!” && she hung up .. It sounds bad but I was only sayin it jokingly && ive done it thousands of times before && she just laughs && says, “Argh go on, please!!” I rang her back to see what was wrong && she wouldn’t answer the phone .. I went to me mum && asked wots up with our Lisha && told her what I had done .. So me mum was all like, “Andreaa pack it in, you know she’s been self-harming!!” I was like no I don’t, since when has seen been doing this .. So our Danielle (her mum && my sister) tells the whole family but no one tells me && they wonder why I feel like am always being left out ..

Jammy Toast Dogs #16

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We never allowed Granny to walk any of our German Shepherds because they were just too powerful for her. If Granny wanted to go one way and the dog wanted to go another then they would go the way the dog wanted with Granny being dragged behind. There were two exceptions to this, one was Pearlie who was so gentle and never pulled on her lead because it was just not in her nature to do so. Granny used to take her for a walk and then get Pearlie to wait outside a shop while she popped in for the odd item. Pearlie just sat there being stroked and made a fuss of until Granny came out to collect her. Davidd never minded this because while Pearlie was a big softy, if anyone tried abusing her she would not tolerate it, so he knew she was safe. The other exception was Rico.

Pumpkin Up To His Old Tricks Again

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As most of you will be aware these days, there is nothing we like more than a good cat story. Last year we told you the story of a cat that had been banned from a Tesco store after walking its aisles for more than a year. Furthermore, the cat’s owner said at the time that she was “a little confused” by the decision. Jo Harding said her male ginger moggy, named Pumpkin, had visited the Thorpe Marriott branch in Norfolk “most days” as it was close to their home. But as the Eastern Daily Press first reported the six-year-old pet had then been banned from the shop. At the time, Tesco said a food store wasn’t “the best place for a cat to be”.

Winnie The Pooh #18

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Winnie-the-Pooh is a fictional anthropomorphic teddy bear created by AA Milne. The first collection of his stories were in the book Winnie-the-Pooh (1926), and this was followed by The House at Pooh Corner (1928). He named the character Winnie-the-Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne, who was the basis for the character Christopher Robin. The rest of Christopher Robin Milne’s toys – Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Tigger – were also incorporated into Milne’s stories. Two more characters, Owl and Rabbit, were created by Milne’s imagination. Here at Jammy Toast, we are pleased to bring you some of his tales which have made Pooh probably the most famous bear in the world

Bear Music #160

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There is nothing we love more here at Jammy Toast than listening to some of our favourite tunes. From time to time we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to you; our friends. We often feature music that you may not have come across before, or music that maybe you just missed the first time around. Try and listen with an open mind, you never know, you may find something you can add to your iPod. If you have any music videos you would like us to feature then drop us a line – we are always happy to listen to requests but we cannot promise to feature everyone’s favourite

Classic Toast Site Relaunched

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As many of you will know, we started blogging way back in June 2006. I can still remember the day when myself and Ananasty – who was only a young whippersnapper at the time – used to create havoc on Sundays around the Wirral. We would go to the cinema and throw socks around, play pitch and putt golf and nearly decapitate bystanders, let her drive my car around Landican cemetery – you name it and we probably did it. We decided we needed to document our days out so we christened ourselves Queen Ananasty and I was her Servant Dave and we started our very own blog. Shortly thereafter, Princess Chimpton joined the gang and our blogging adventures were off and running.