The Andreaa Angel Show #94

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So the other day was a killer .. I was in work at 6am && was on my feet all day so by the time i got home at teatime i was totally whacked out .. I ate me tea && then told me mum i was going to go to bed early && she told me that she was having a drink with me auntie && uncle so i asked her nicely to keep the racket down cos i was so tired .. i went upstairs, had a bath got into a clean pair of jarmies && that was it for the night, or so i thought .. At about 2am i woz woken up by the sound of loud music && them 3 dickheads singing out at the top of their voices to the music .. i left it for about 15 minutes thinking they would be winding down at that time but no it just went on && on .. So i went downstairs && fuckin’ blew me top .. Me mum knew i had been working all day && i told her i was going to sleep early because i was knackered && this was how she reacted .. She actually had the stereo on full blast, it couldn’t go any higher there was just no need for it .. I was fuckin’ fumin’ .. I went back to bed but it wasn’t much better, they had turned it down a bit but no much..