A Bat Confession

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Before I start today’s post in earnest, I have a little confession to make; I do not like bats. In fact, I am scared stiff of anything that flaps wings anywhere near my head. I was initially totally unaware of my fear until Chimpton and Ananasty took me to Chester Zoo one summer’s day. I love the animals in the zoo; the elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, wolves and, not surprisingly, even the bears. I ran around the place like a child on Christmas morning waiting to see what was in the next enclosure when eventually we came to the Fruit Bat Forest. Inside they have a Bat Cave which is totally in the dark and you can get up close to their colony of bats as they go about their nightly business. These impressive flying mammals spend their time flying, eating, mating and generally conducting their lives all under the cloak of darkness. I could just about see their silhouettes against the very dim ceiling lights when suddenly… a bat’s wing just gently touched the top of my head and – much to the delight of Chimpton and Ananasty – I screamed like a little schoolgirl and ran for cover!