The Andreaa Angel Show #99

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Iwoz reading Lisa’s story yesterday && i wanted to write some smut too .. i asked Davidd if i could have a go at writing some porn to see if i was any good at it but he said no .. He said he is not turning Jammy Toast into Porn Toast lol .. That wass funny like but he always spoils my fun .. so I guess I will have to carry on doing my thing .. I have been looking back at some of me posts from years ago because I am gettin’ dead near The Andreaa Show #100 && last time i told yous all about Purple Acki (don’t know how ya spell his name, some people put Acki && some spell it Acky so take ya pick) .. When i first wrote that loads of people didn’t even know who he was && thought i had made him up but he was real .. After I done it, Davidd wanted me to write about more of Liverpool’s nutters so i had to go && ask me dad because he knows ’em all .. This is wot i wrote…