Jammy Toast Dogs #17

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Ithink I mentioned in passing once before that Max went to see an animal behaviourist who tried to show him who was boss and he just took a chunk out of her finger showing her who was boss. Today, I thought I would tell you the full story because that really doesn’t do Elaine justice. As I have said before, we got Max as a puppy but just at the age when you are meant to socialise a dog with strangers and other dogs he broke a leg and spent six weeks staying in the house while his broken bone set. By this time Max was at an age where he had grown beyond puppyhood and because he hadn’t socialised was now quite intimidated by people and dogs he didn’t know. He was basically scared of everyone but quickly learnt that if he barked at people they were more scared of him than he was of them. So he barked and showed aggression to everyone he met so they would stay away from him.