Lestly In The Hizzouse #28

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Iconfess it is a little late in the month for my Hizzouse but I can offer explanation in the way of this post. It started with my breathing getting laboured to the point I was lying in bed and it actually hurt to breath in and once this arduous task had been completed I couldn’t wait to breath out again. Next thing you know I had a fever and a really dry cough that was pretty persistent. By this time even my addled brain was beginning to guess at a reason for my ailments. I Googled it and discovered that they were doing “in car” tests just a few blocks away from my apartment. I jumped in the car trying to avoid anyone while making the short but painful journey to the carpark. There was a pretty impressive queue forming so I figured that if I didn’t have it then there was less chance of me catching it in my car than if I went to the ER. So in the queue I sat.