The Andreaa Angel Show #101

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Hiya everyone just startin’ me second hundred posts off lol .. bloody hell work has been a nitemare just cant get the stuff on the shelves quick enough for people to buy it .. Davidd told me the tesco near him shut their doors to restock the shelves because their staff was gettin’ mugged for stock out the cages before it even got to the shelves .. The tesco near us is open early for nhs workers && oaps to go && get stuff first before everyone else .. Only problem was no one was takin’ any notice && everyone was just walkin in the shop && getting stuff as soon as they opened .. So these hells angel bikers near us thought fuck that && they now sitt outside the shop && wont let no one in unless they are allowed in .. sposed to be big hardmen && they are doin’ a boss job looking after the wrinklies .. Some of them woz even takin’ their shoppin’ home on the back of bikes if it was too heavy for them to carry.