The Andreaa Angel Show #109

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Jay come home from work last friday && told us he had been furloughed && i honestly dont think he was arsed .. i bet he thought to himself that he was going to have more time playing on his xbox .. i know it wasnt really his fault but i was still fuming inside .. that got worse when i come home from work on saturday after an 11 hour shift to find him in the garden with loads of friends pissed as a fart .. he never thought oh poor andreaa has been working all day i will make her something for tea, nah fuck her .. i couldn’t face him so i walked out && went to our danielle’s house .. Ten minutes later he is texting Alisha asking am i at theirs && am i in a mood because i had stormed out .. i text him back && told him to stop texting members of my family about me && if he had any questions he had my phone number .. so he text back && asked if we could talk .. i stayed at danielle’s, had some tea && stayed the night .. it was probably for the best because i would of said stuff to him i would probably regret the next day.