Pigeon Pete

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Ages Ago, On The Old Jammy Toast, I Told Yas A Story About Pigeon Pete.. He Was An Old Guy Who Used To Sit At The Pier Head Feedin Pigeons Until The Council Stopped Him Cos They Said He Was Creatin A Nuisance.. No One Has Ever Caused More Nuisance To The People Of Liverpool Than Liverpool Councillors So They Can Get To F*ck!! Thousands Of Birds Usta Come && See Pete At The Pier Head Cos They Knew They Was Goin To Get A Good Scran.. This Was Years Ago Bt I Just Found Out That He Is Still Goin && He Still Feeds The Birds Bt Not At The Pier Head Any More.. He Is Probably Too Scared Of Gettin An ASBO Off The Council.. So Here Is A Picture Of Him, I Think It Is In Bootle New Strand Shoppin Centre, Bt He Goes Round Everywhere These Days So That People Cant Stop Him. By The Time They Complain, He Is Long Gone To Somewhere Else..