Jammy Ghost Stories #2

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The River Alt In Kirkby With The Devils Bridge In The Background.

As Yas All Know I Live In Kirkby, Which If Ya Know Liverpool Is Sposed To Be A Dead Rough Area.. I Dont Think It Is That Bad Its Like Most Places, There Are Good People && There Are Bad People Bt Unlike Most Places The Devil Used To Live Here In Kirkby… Or Thats What Local Legend Says Anyway.. The Story Goes That Years Ago Near The River Alt There Was A Farm && The Woman Who Owned The Farm Used To Grow Stuff On The Farm && Sell It On Kirkby Market.. We Still Have A Market Day Goin Today.. The Woman Also Kept A Cow For Milk.. Her Farm Was On One Side Of The River Alt Which Runs Dead Fast && Is Quite Deep.. It Is Said To Be Quite Dangerous && People Have Drowned There Over The Years.. On The Other Side Of The River Lived The Devil..