Andreaa’s Diary #8

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Have Told This Story Before When I Had My Blog But I Thought I Would Tell Ya On Here Now That Me && Davidd Have Our Own Blogg.. Ya See, I Havent Got A Dad.. Well I Have Bu Hes A Total Arsehole So I Have Disowned Him.. It Got Tha Bad Tha I Only Ever Saw Him On Birthdays && Christmas.. Then He Stopped Even Botherin With Tha && The Only Time I Saw Him Was If I Made The Effort To Go && See Him On His Birthday.. So I Stopped Botherin Too && Now I Havent Seen Him For Yonks.. I Always Joke Tha Davidd Should Adopt Me, Like With Chimpton, Cos Hes A Boss Dad Except Hes Only Ever Took Me Out On A Daddy/Daughter Day Once.. Ya Meant To Take Ya Kids Out All The Time Arent Ya?? Even When He Took Me Out It Was Only Because I Couldnt Think Of Anythin To Write On The Blog So He Said If I Take Ya Somewhere && Show Ya Somethin Dead Sound Then You Can Write About That, What Do You Think?? I Thought It Sounded A Bit Like ‘Andreaa On Tour’ So I Could Get The T-Shirts Made && Everythin.. Davidd Said Forget The T-Shirts, We Would Look Like A Hen Party, Bt It Will Give You Somethin To Write About.. So I Said Okay Bt It Better Be Good Am Not Writin About Shit..