My Diary #16

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Baby Bean Is Now Just Over 14 Weeks Old.. Need To Be Careful Callin It Bean Though, These Things Have A Habit Of Sticking.. I Am Writin This At One O’clock In The Mornin Cos I Came To Bed For An Early Night Just For A Change && Next Thing I Woke Up With Heartburn.. I Have Never Had Heartburn In My Life But This Is The Joys Of Pregnancy I Believe.. Now Im Awake My Mum && My Sister Are Pissed On A Video Call To Each Other.. They Are Proper Cacklin Away To Each Other So You Might As Well Kill Me Off Now.. I Told Yas The Other Week That We Have Decorated Bean’s Bedroom, So Now I Have Been Goin Mad On The Internet Orderin Baby Stuff && Guess What.. It Only Ever Happens To Me.. The Firm I Ordered Loads Of Stuff From Has Gone Into Administration Cos Of The Rona.. I Have Not Even Opened The Stuff Thats Been Delivered To Check It Is Okay Yet, Nevermind The Stuff I Am Still Waitin For && Now Wont Be Delivered.. So Am Not Goin To Bore Yas All With Every Little Thing That Happens With The Baby Every Week.. From Now On I Will Just Let Yas Know When Somethin Important Happens Or Give Yas A Tiny Update Each Week..