Learning To Drive

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Started Back At Work At The Weekend After Self-Isolatin.. As I Was Drivin In, I Was Right Behind A Car With An L Plate On It.. I Dont Think Ya Meant To Be Givin Lessons At The Moment, So I Guess They Just Forgot To Take It Off, But It Started Me Thinkin About When I Was Learnin To Drive — So Thought I Would Share It With Yas.. I Got This Instructor Who Lives Near Us && I Used To Do Most Of Me Lessons Around Kirkby.. I Used To Tell Davidd What I Was Doin && He Said That The Fella Who Was Teachin Me Sounded Lyk He Knew What He Was Doin.. He Was A Pain In The Arse Though Cos He Kept Cancellin Lessons At The Last Minute && Leavin Me High && Dry.. I Got Used To Him Though So I Didnt Want To Change Me Instructor.. I Bet We Used To Look Funny Cos He Was Always Screamin At Me To Slow Down && Not Drive So Fast.. Imagine Seein A Learner Car Goin Past Ya With The Instructor Shoutin, “Slow Down!!”