Hello, My Name Is Andreaa && I Havent Got A Clue What Am Doin Here So Please Be Kind To Me.. My Mate Davidd Said That I Always Make Him Laugh When I Chat Shit At Him So He Said I Should Write On His Blog.. I Didnt Even Know What A Blog Was.. He Told Me Its Just Like A Website Where Ya Chat Shit && People Can Read It && Leave Comments Saying What They Think About Whatever You Write.. So Feel Free To Write What Ya Like About My Shit..

Oh && I Cant Spell Either && My Punctuation Is All Over The Gaff..

So Am Just An Ordinary Person Who Lives In Liverpool, Or Kirkby To Be Precise.. I Work In A Shop In Town But I Better Not Say Which One Because I Will End Up Gettin In Trouble If I Say Stuff About Them.. I Always Like Watchin The Simpsons, So Maybe We Could Just Call It The Kwik-E-Mart?? I Havent Got A Clue What I Am Going To Write About On Ere Because Am Borin, I Didnt Even Pass Me English GCSE, So This Is Probably Goin To Be Shit.. David Said Just Chat About Woteva Comes Into Ya Head Because That Is When You Are Funny.. Dont Really Understand That Because People Usually Say I Am Funny In The Head..

I Live With Me Mum In Kirkby && I Have Three Sisters Who Have All Left Home && Got Families && That.. I Am The Baby Of The Family So I Still Live At Home With Me Mum Just The Two Of Us.. She Isnt That Well && Has All Sorts Wrong With Her.. She Spends More Time At The Hospital Having Testt Done Than She Does At Home.. I Take Her If I Can But Usually Am In Work So It Can Be Difficult.. I Have Been Single For A While But Am In A Relationship At The Moment, But Its Early Days So Watch This Space..

I Have A Big Family, Uncles && Aunties Everywhere && My Three Sisters Have All Got Kids Running Round The Place.. Me Grandad Says That They Only Built Kirkby So That We Had Enough Space For The Whole Of Me Family.. Birthdays Cost Me A Bloody Fortune With All The Nieces && Nephews..

I Love Holidays && Go To Turkey A Couple Of Times Every Year — If We Havent Got A Pandemic I Do Anyway.. Most Of The Family Usually Come On At Least One Of The Holidays Because Of The Rona There Has Not Been A Kurby Family Tour So Far This Year.. Thats Not My Real Family Name BTW Bt I Dont Want To Use That On Here Just In Case Someone I Know Finds Me.. I Am Also The Only Twentysomething Who Doesnt Have Social Media.. I Cant See The Point Of Livin On Facebook.. I Think Its Funny That People Complain That Their Life Is Shit But If You Read Their Facebook It Sounds Like They Are Havin The Time Of Their Lives.. It Should Be Called Liebook Nt Facebook..

Anyway That Is All I Can Think About At The Moment, If I Think Of Anything Else I Will Add It Later..