ello, my name is Bimbo. I am Great Uncle to all the Renault Bears here at Jammy Toast, even though I am not a Renault Bear myself. I am a very old bear because I was bought for The Bearkeeper by his Grandparents on the day that he was born. That means I am approaching 60 years old – this is very daunting in itself. I can remember many things that have happened in my lifetime and these are the things I usually post about here on Jammy Toast. I will tell you of things that happened not just to The Bearkeeper and I, but things I can remember from television, news or anything else I can think of.

I think my first job should be to tell you all about me.

The Bearkeeper was born in St Catherine’s hospital in Birkenhead on the 24th October 1960 where I was presented to him as a “birth” day present. I came home with him and used to live with him and his mummy and daddy in the flat above his grandparent’s shop. The Bearkeeper and I grew up together and moved around Merseyside but everywhere he moved to, I went along with him. We used to like the same things like music and films and we also had our favourite celebrities over the years. I can learn more about these things on my posts.

As The Bearkeeper got older he adopted The Chimpton and then the pair of them discovered a Renault Bear by the name of Eddie. They both became obsessed with saving these poor, unfortunate bears who were often deserted and abandoned to the mercy of charity shops or car boot sales. I was with The Bearkeeper all through these years and have many memories concerning these years and the starting of Jammy Toast.

I also help our bears to settle in here at Jammy Toast and hear many stories about their lives before they came to join us. Some can remember being loved by children and then abandoned as the children grew up. Others can remember experiences at the hands of Renault Car dealerships who were responsible for handing out bears to families.

I can remember television, music and fashion from over the years. Don’t forget, I was around through 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s through to today. There have been many wonderful things that have happened during those years as well as some disasters along the way.

Younger readers will not have been alive during some of the memories I will recall while older readers will remember some things with glee and some others with horror.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the things I recall.