It has been noted that the Jammy Toast website is somewhat colour deficient. The reason for this is that historically Renault Bears are achromatic – they have an inability to perceive colour due to a malfunction of the retinal photo-transduction pathway. Sufferers from achromatopsia – as it is called – can only see things in Black & White and shades of Grey. It is more commonly referred to as Total Colour Blindness.

However, because our bears eat so much Jammy Toast they have also developed the ability to identify the colour Red and a few darker shades. So, as not to impair our bear’s enjoyment of this site, our website is only available in in a limited number of colours.

However, since we started Jammy Toast, Flat Eric has come to join us and, of course, he is Yellow. So whenever Flat Eric is featured in an item on Jammy Toast we feel it appropriate to also use the colour Yellow. We do this for two reasons. Firstly, we want to make our new friend feel at home and secondly, we hope that one day our bears will develop the ability to also see other colours.

We hope this limitation does not impair your enjoyment of Jammy Toast.