All Aboard The Chatsworth Express

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Today we have some exceptional news to share with those of you who do not already know. Paul Abbott’s critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan is set to return next week. Yes you read that correctly – Series 8 of Shameless is back on our television screens on Monday, 10th January at 10pm. The new series features 22 brand new episodes and will also see the show celebrating its 100th episode during the season – episode 18.

The new series starts four months after the last one finished and sees Chatsworth having a party – and not just any party; it’s Frank’s Stag Night. He’s getting married to the love of his life, his romantic narcoleptic librarian third bride-to-be, Libby. But as the clock strikes midnight Frank disappears, without a trace. The mystery of his whereabouts is an out-and-out magical mystery tour into the previously unexplored outer-limits of Frank’s drink and drug-addled mind.

With Frank absent, an even darker cloud settles on the estate. A previous Mrs Gallagher, Monica, returns from “buying a loaf of bread”, looking to lay claim to her family. Will Libby use more than just her precious words to stand up to her?

A desperate Karen and baby Connor stand on the outskirts of Chatsworth’s green and pleasant pastures, hoping that Jamie Maguire, who is now fixated on following in his father’s blood-stained footprints, will take them back into the fold.

Mimi Maguire and her surprise baby daughter Cilla have moved back in with her boys. Shane and working wife, Kelly, decide to set up a new Maguire Security business in local schools – the results are great, but Jamie wants to keep it in the family. And Mickey discovers his surprising talent as a baby-sling happy surrogate father to his little sister. However, the question still remains, who is the Daddy?

Huddled in between the Gallagher’s and the Maguire’s is a new family: fun and fiery housewife and home-brewer Avril and mild-mannered, until he’s had a drink, trainee teacher Jackson Powell. Not to mention their chronically, irretrievably thick, but gorgeous teenage daughter Letitia. Also new to the estate is Aidan Croker, Libby’s Godson and refugee from a traveller family – 13-years-old, streetwise and a real charmer.

Chesney takes up the reins running the shop, but his family have sent his beautiful and intelligent cousin, medical student Sita, to keep an eye on him and the family business. Carl sees a babe with brains and can’t understand why his usual pulling techniques aren’t working – and pursues her endlessly.

As the truth behind Frank’s disappearance is revealed the question still remains, will he get back in time for his nuptials or will Libby be left at the altar nursing a Breezer?

Welcome back to the unique and peerless world of Shameless.

We are all getting ready to once again board the Chatsworth Express!

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  1. Today I Will Be Mostly Dying At Work :( First Day Back After 17 Days Holiday!! In The Words Of Kirstie “Is This What Addicts Feel Like Without A Fix?” Blerrrrgh FML <3

  2. that orcward situation when you press the traffic lights while nothing is comin and cross over then a big cue of cars sittin thereafter youv crosssed! hahahaha gone to town!

  3. Oh Lovely!! Sucide Tuesday & It Decides To Rain!! Lovin’ Life :/ Ergh!! Damn You World… DAAMMN YOU! On A Brighter Note, Still Getting Hour Lunches At Work Until Further Notice :D Woop <3

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  6. Can’t actually believe i have just spent almost ten hours in the library doing my work, get 200 words away from finishing come home and realise ive lost my pen drive that is the only thing ,my work is saved on!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  7. My Heads In All The Wrong Places…Whats The Point Sitting Here, Hearing All These Songs. Always Thinking About You. Whats The Point Dreaming Up A Life We’re Never Guna Have. :-/

  8. Just Got A Sudden BURST Of Excitement After Remembering That HTID In The Sun Is This Year & We’ve Only Got Flights To Worry About :D Eeek!! Sun, Sea & Sambuccaaaa <3

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