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Little While Ago, Davidd Posted A Cover Version Of Roger Waters’ Amused To Death.. I Have To Admit It Was Not My Favourite Kinda Music But The Story Was Good.. It Is From A Roger Waters Concept Album Where It Tells A Story Of Aliens Who Discover The Earth && Come To See Whats Happenin.. I Must Admit I Do Lyk The Story From The Song Which I Think Is A Book Too.. Its About How Us Humans Fuck Everythin Up && We All End Up Dyin Cos We Wreck The Environment.. The Water Gets Too High Cos Of The Meltin Ice && The World Gets Hotter && Hotter.. Ya Know What Davidd Is Like About His Bears, He Reckons All The Polar Bears Are Dead Cos They Had No Ice Left To Hunt On.. At The End Of The Song The World Cant Get Over The Damage We Have Done && We All Die; Not Just The Bears.. So I Guess It Is Not A Very Happy Song/Book.. I Remember A Bit Ago, There Was This Map Goin Round On The Internet && It Was Of What England Will Look Like In Fifty Years Time If The Water Carries On Gettin Higher.. It Was Scary Because The Whole Of Liverpool, Wirral, Kirkby && St Helens Is Gone.. It Is All Underwater.. Birmingham Is Right Next To The Sea Cos Of All The Land That Is Underwater.. Ive Never Read The Book Bt I Thought I Would Write Yas My Version Of It..

I Reckon The First Thing To Happen Will Be People Will Stop Goin To Work.. There Will Be No Point Cos Ya Dont Need Money If There Is Nothin To Buy.. There Will Be No Food Because The Land To Grow All Our Plants Will Be Under The Water.. The Animals We Eat Will Be Drowned, So There Is Only Man-Made Stuff.. Bt No One Is Botherin Goin To Work So There Is No Man-Made Stuff.. All The Supermarkets Dont Bother Openin Because There Is Nothin To Buy.. It Is Just Lyk One Big Vicious Circle.. It Will Be Worse Than The Pandemic..

Families Dont Do Anythin Anymore Except Sit Round TV Screens Waitin To See If Anyone Can Fix Whats Happenin, Bt They Cant.. People Are Becomin Brain Dead, They Dont Even Know What To Think Anymore.. Everythin Is Just Gettin Worse.. People Turn To Drink && Just Spend The Days Gettin Pissed.. The Temperature Goes Up && Up && Everywhere Gets Like A Desert.. Then The Winds Come && Start Blowin All The Dry Earth Everywhere.. Soon People Cant Breath.. They Start Dyin.. The People With Asthma Go First && Then Smokers.. Then The Healthy People Start To Die Too.. Some People Are Happy To Die Because The Earth Isnt A Nice Place To Live Anymore.. A Man In The Pub Asks The Barman What Is Wrong With Him, Why Is He Out Of Breath All The Time Bt Before The Barman Can Answer He Falls To The Floor Dead..

Slowly Everyone Starts To Die.. Some People Make The Most Of Everythin Before They Die.. They Race In Their Cars, They Eat The Last Of The Food Until There Are No More Tears Left To Cry Over The State Of The Earth.. Everythin Is Sucked Dry, Down To The Very Last Breath && Finally, When It Is All Too Late, We Realise The Human Race Has Amused Its Self To Death.. We Have Just Sat Back && Watched The Tragedy Unfold, We Did What The Policians Told Us To Do && Finally It Is All Over.. The Greatest Show On Earth Is Its Death.. Still We Sit Round The TV Screens; This Time We Just See Greta Thunberg Laughin Tellin Us, “I Told Ya..”

Then Out In Space Some Aliens Are Flyin Past In Their Spaceship When The Lookout Spies The Last Flickerin Lights Of Our World && They Come To See Whats Happening.. They Find Our Dead Bodies Lyin Round TV Sets Bt Cant Understand What Has Happened.. They Run Loads Of Tests, They Check All The Leads They Can Think Of.. They Even Check All The Data On Their Lists Bt Then The Alien Scientists Admit That They Dont Have A Clue What Has Killed Us All..

Finally After Eliminatin Every Other Reason They Could Think Of For Why We Had Become Extinct, They Decided That The Only Explanation Left Was That Our Species Had Just Amused Itselt To Death.. We Just Fucked About Instead Of Doin Somethin To Stop What We All Knew Was Happening.. We Paid The Price For That Stupidity With Our Lives, Our Planet… Everythin We Had..

The Aliens Couldnt Do Anythin To Help So They Got Back On Their Spaceships && Flew Off Into Space Headin Back To Their Own Planet.. They Recorded On Their Computers That The Species From The Planet Earth Had Amused Themselves To Death..

The End.. && It Soon Will Be If We Dont Change Things..

Traa xx

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Andreaa Kurby

I Am Andreaa Kurby && I Am Havin A Boss Time Here Writing On The Blog && That Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin Too Old To Write && It's Doin Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed For Him, The Fu*kin State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Cant Write Stories. I Never Even Passed Me GCSE English.. But He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shite..

64 Comments on “Amused To Death”

  1. I can honestly say I could put up with all that you describe except for Greta Thunberg having a “I told you so,” look on her face. That would just be too much!

    1. The book is called ‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’ and it is by Neil Postman.

      The book is incredible the way he explores our TV culture and travels through history to show us where the trouble started and where it’s heading.

  2. …and out in the valley warm and clean
    The little ones sit by their TV screens
    No thoughts to think, no tears to cry
    All sucked dry, down to the very last breath

    Bartender what is wrong with me
    Why am I so out of breath
    The captain said excuse me ma’am
    This species has amused itself to death

  3. The fires in California are almost all out. The air is clear. Trump defeated. So much work for us all to do, but I think I just took a deep breath for the first time in months.

  4. When the vaccine comes out & we can all meet up safely let’s all have a big fight, itd be great, just park our cars in a circle and smash plates over each other’s heads.

  5. Puppy eyes and pretending to be a good lad have put Knobhead into Nanny Auds good books. But he’s another step closer to becoming a boy soprano if there’s anymore bad behaviour.

  6. We’ve just signed a four figure deal to distribute vaccine doses across the UK. From Shetland down to the Scilly Isles, from Belfast to Skegness, from Birkenhead across to Hull…


    *We won’t be going anywhere near Catford though!

  7. someones sent me a dm about an instagram account where some future serial killers are going round killing cats and filming it. i can’t bring myself to open up the pics or videos.

    what the hell is wrong with people?

  8. Red Mini Cooper in Birkenhead Wilkos car park. “I survived Knowsley Safari Park Monkies“ car sticker in rear window. Crisp packets on back seat.

    Your car alarm is going off and the flock need some sleep. :angry: Sort it please!

  9. Piglet was so excited at the idea of being Useful that he forgot to be frightened any more. “What about me?” said Pooh sadly. “I suppose I shan’t be useful?” “Never mind, Pooh,” said Piglet comfortingly. “Another time perhaps.”

  10. Barbara and I sat on Jeanette’s bench after our walk the other day. I told Barbara my exciting news but he didn’t seem at all interested. Maybe he didn’t quite understand what I was saying. I will tell you all about it soon and when he sees the photos he will understand. Hopefully.

  11. Rolf report 10 Nov

    I love to snooze in “Birdland”. It’s on top of a stack of plastic boxes, in front of a skylight window so I can watch the rooftop birds. The top blanket was knitted by my friend Alyson & my American human has even added an electric heating pad.

    Rolf x

  12. Lasted less than 5 mins of the new Borat fillum. Which is about the same amount of time I managed with the first Borat fillum. Don’t think me and Borat are cut out for each other. He’s no Will Hay!

  13. It has come to my attention only recently that men’s penis’s only have feeling in the TIP, so WHY mother fuckers have I been FAKE choking on a dick and you didn’t need me to?? Ruining my mascara sick of all of you swear to god x

  14. Pleased to announce that all six of the panel took a shot of the Pzifer vaccine last week and are all alive and kicking. Dundee Mick reported a steaming headache but then admitted he’d skulled a bottle of Buckfast later that day.

    Looks like it’s GOOD TO GO!!

    You’re all saved!!

  15. Spending my Tuesday evening helping my mates fella pick out her Christmas presents by telling him what she likes and sending him all the links and this is why I’m an actual angel and nobody deserves me!

  16. I gave the job of Vaccine Task Force chief to Kate Bingham, wife of a Tory MP who went to school with my sister. She paid £670k for PR to a firm linked to Dominic Cummings’ father in law. I hope no-one reports this to our Anti-Corruption Champion, Dido Harding’s husband.

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