Andreaa’s Diary #11

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December Always Makes Me A Bit Sad.. It Reminds Me Of Me Granddad, Because He Died Just Before Christmas About Five Years Ago Now.. Davidd Met Me Granddad && Always Said That He Was His Hero Because Of The Wartime Stories He Told Him.. Davidd Come To Ours One Day To Sort Me Lappy Out But He Spent That Much Time Chattin Shit With Me Granddad That He Never Got Time To Do It && Had To Take It Home With Him.. Me Granddad Used To Live With Us && To Be Honest He Was A Real Hero Too.. Everyones Granddad Is Their Hero When Ya A Kid Bt When Ya Grow Up Ya Learn That They Are Just Normal People.. Bt Not My Granddad, He Really Was A Hero.. He Used To Tell Me Stories From The War && Some Of The Things That He Done Was Amazin.. Even When He Lived With Us Near The End Of His Life When He Was An Old Man, He Would Still Go Outside && Chase Off Any Lads Who Was Causin Shit Near Ours.. Me Nan Used To Go Mad && Send Us To Go && Get Him Back In The House Bt He Wouldnt Listen && He Wouldnt Come In Until They Had Gone.. He Was A Hero Right Until The End..

One Story He Told Me Used To Make Me Scared Because If The Story Had Ended Slightly Different, Then Me Mum && All Us Kids Would Never Have Even Been Born.. Durin The War, He Was In Holland Chasin The Germans The Fukk Out Of The Country.. When They Had Saved Holland From The Germans Though, Ya Still Had To Watch Out Because The Germans Had Left Snipers Behind To Try && Kill Ya.. So All The Army Lads Had To Be Careful When They Was Outside Of Their Camp..

One Night Me Granddad && His Mate Were Given The Night Off && Allowed To Go Into Town && Have A Beer.. Me Granddad && His Mate Though Decided To Go To This Dance Hall Because Me Granddad Always Loved Music && Dancin.. When I Was A Kid He Used To Know All The Songs That I Listened To && I Never Knew How He Learned Them Bt He Always Knew The Words && Would Sing Along To Songs Like Bruno Marrs && That.. So This Night He Went To The Dance Hall && He Was Dancin With These Local Dutch Girls.. Me Nan Said He Was A Tart Even In Them Days Bt Me Granddad Said He Couldnt Wait To Get Back Home To Be With Me Nana To Be Honest Bt It Was Nice To Forget The War Just For One Night..

Me Granddad Was Gettin On With This Dutch Girl && They Had Loads Of Dances && When The Dance Had Finished He Said He Would Walk Her Home So That She Was Safe.. So Me Granddad && His Mate Walked This Girl && Her Mate Home && Dropped Them Off.. Me Granddad Even Admitted To Me Nana That He Did Give Her A Little Kiss Bt It Was Just On The Cheek.. I Dont Think Me Nana Believed Him Lyk..

When They Had Dropped The Girls Off They Were Walkin Back To Camp Havin A Chat && Me Granddads Mate Got His Cigarettes Out && Offered Me Granddad One Bt He Said No Because His Throat Was Too Dry, He Needed A Drink.. His Mate Lit His Cigarette As They Walked Down This Country Road Leadin Bak To Their Camp.. As Soon As The Flame From His Lighter Lit Up His Face…


A Bullet Hit Me Granddads Mate Right In The Head && He Fell Down Dead On The Spot.. Me Granddad Took Cover Bt No More Bullets Were Fired.. He Managed To Get Back To Camp && Told His Sergeant-Major What Had Happened.. Me Granddad Took The Sergeant-Major && Some Soldiers To Were His Mate Was Shot && They Brought His Body Back To Be Buried..

Me Granddad Smoked All His Life Bt Luckily It Never Did Him Any Harm But It Would Of Done That Night!! I Always Thought If He Had Taken A Fag Off His Mate He Might Of Been The One To Be Shot.. Then He Would Have Been Buried In A Hole In Holland && None Of Us Would Be Here Today.. Cos Obviously Me Granddad && Me Nan Had Me Mum, Two Aunties && Three Uncles && All The Kids That They All Had.. None Of Us Would Have Been Here If Me Granddad Was Shot That Night..

Makes Ya Fuckin’ Think!!

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

65 Comments on “Andreaa’s Diary #11”

  1. I think in British English the spelling “grandad” is more popular than “granddad”, however American English, the spelling “granddad” is more popular than “grandad”. But both are correct, apparently.

  2. It does make you think. If everyone who died in the war had two kids and those kids had two kids and on and on forever. How many people died during the war would end up as trillions.

  3. On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids-a-milking, 7 swans-a-swimming, 6 geese-a-laying, 5 gold rings, 4 colly birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a peartree.

    Lord leaped on a hen; feathers everywhere!

  4. If you Do Not want to look like a Complete Twat because you Can’t agree a Deal after you told everyone you had an Oven Ready deal, Do Not tell people you have an Oven Ready deal before you have agreed any deal like a Complete Twat.

    Oven Ready Advice there.

  5. I’m constantly finding myself blocked by people I have never in my life interacted with which is rude considering I’m an angel at all times who is also tiny and innocent!

  6. I used to sit next to Noddy Holder at school. The teacher was always catching him eating snacks. One day she snapped and shouted, “What are you eating now?”

    Noddy replied, “IT’S CRISPS MISSSSSS!”

  7. 84 y.o. British man getting the vaccine so he can spend Christmas with his wife of 62 years in a care home “until now, Christmas was a dream away.”


  8. Mad the way people go akip at like 10bells far too early for me that only old people that get up at half 5 in the morning to race the shop for the paper do that.

  9. Rolf report 11 Dec

    Yesterday I visited the campus Christmas tree. It’s magnificent with such interesting smells. I undertook a full patrol of its base then went round again, just in case. Just because it’s nearly Christmas, I can’t reduce my exacting patrolling standards.

    Rolf x

  10. After a fuckin’ wet night for many, persistent fuckin’ rain lingers in many eastern areas right now with hit and miss fuckin’ showers in the west.

  11. James James
    Morrison Morrison
    Weatherby George Dupree
    Took great
    Care of his Mother,
    Though he was only three.
    James James
    Said to his Mother,
    “Mother,” he said, said he;
    “You must never go down to the end of the town,
    if you don’t go down with me.”

  12. .

    Here’s a photo of the campus Christmas tree in all its magnificence. Happy Christmas to all my wonderful campus friends. Thank you for everything you do to look out for me and keep me safe. I hope you can all stay safe too.

    Rolf X

  13. I joined Gloria Glover and Janet for a little snack of Lick-e-Lix. It’s so delicious and the best thing is that it’s easy for GG to eat. She hasn’t got many teeth and things like Dreamies are difficult for her. It’s so good to have friends to share treats with.

  14. Dame Barbara was so special and I am truly proud to have known her. Thoughts are with Scott who loved and looked after her so much… The last of a phenomenal cast. I bet they’re already filming Carry On Heaven.

  15. So, I’m a Prof. I have a PhD and a clutch of honorary doctorates from a range of eminent universities. I have written eleven books. I am working on my twelfth. But I still spent THREE HOURS searching for the tree lights yesterday evening – in the loft, in the shed, having completely forgotten that I’d already got that particular box down two days ago, so the children could decorate their rooms.
    Everyone was very understanding.

  16. On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 11 pipers piping, 10 lords-a-leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids-a-milking, 7 swans-a-swimming, 6 geese-a-laying, 5 gold rings, 4 colly birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a peartree.

    Ate birds to pipe music.

  17. I’ve just seen Naga Munchetty having a fag. I didn’t imagine she smoked for some reason but then again she does read the news, I’m surprised she didn’t have a bottle of vodka too!

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