Andreaa’s Diary #2 (From Turkey)

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Nothin Ever Goes Right For Me.. I Am One Of Those People Who Everythin They Touch Just Turns To Shit.. I Think I Told Yous A While Ago That I Was Havin Hell With My Area Manager Who Just Wouldnt Let Me Get On With My Job Of Managin Me Shop.. She Had To Micro-Manage Everythin Herself.. It Got To The Point Where I Couldnt Take Any More So It Was Either Hve A Word With The Regional Manager About Her Or Leave.. I Didnt Really Want To Leave At The Time, So I Spoke To The Regional Manager && Told Her What Was Goin On.. She Was Great, She Listened To What I Had To Say && Then Said That She Would Take The Area Manager Off My Shop && She Would Act As Area Manager As Well As Regional Manager && I Would Hve Nothin To Do With The Area Manager Any More.. I Was Made Up && Actually Happy To Go To Work In The Mornings For A While..

Then The Week Before I Was Due To Go On Holiday, The Area Manager Walks Into Me Shop && Says That The Regional Manager Has Been Promoted To Head Office && So Now She Was Back As My Area Manager Again.. She Obviously Knew I Had Complained About Her && She Was Now Out To Make My Life Hell.. She Spent Every Day In My Store Tellin Me How To Run Things.. She Was Stressin Me That Much That One Night While I Was In The Shower Washin Me Hair, Big Clumps Of Hair Was Comin Out In Me Hands.. Thats When I Realised I Couldnt Carry On With This && I Had To Leave.. Next Day I Went To Work && Told Her To Stick Her Job Up Her Arse.. I Walked Out.. When Ya Job Starts To Effect Ur Health Lyk That It Doesnt Matter How Much Shit The World Is In && How Difficult It Might Be To Get Another Job, You Just Hve To Put Urself First For Once..

I Started Lookin For A Job && Noticed That Me Old Spoons Where I Used To Work Was After A Supervisor.. So I Rang Up && They Asked Me To Go In For An Interview On The Monday, The Day Before I Went On Holiday.. When I Got There I Met The New Manager, It Was Not The Mananger Who Was There When I Used To Work There Which Sort Of Threw Me A Bit Bt I Thought I Would Give It Me Best Shot.. The Interview Went Okay && She Offered Me The Job There && Then.. I Told Her That Before She Offers It To Me, She Had To Know That I Was Off On Holiday The Next Day For Two Weeks && Dont Contact Kwik-E-Mart For A Reference Cos I Had Walked Out Over The Way I Was Bein Treated By Their Area Manager..

I Knew That Didnt Sound Great At An Interview Bt If She Decided I Was More Trouble Than I Was Worth, It Would Be Better To Find Out Straight Away Than A Couple Of Weeks Later.. I Said That I Also Wanted Thurday Day Times Off Cos I Was Startin An Eyebrows Course At College && Didnt Want To Miss The Start Of That.. She Said That They Were In A Hole && Really Needed Someone To Start Straight Away Bt Cos I Had Previous Experience Of Workin There I Could Still Start.. She Said That Some Of The Staff Who Knew Me Had Said How Good I Was && So I Could Start When I Got Back Frm Holiday && Nevermind About References Frm Kwik-E-Mart Cos Other People At Spoons Knew Me && Could Vouch For Me.. She Said I Could Work A Trial Shift On The Saturday Night After I Came Back Frm Holiday && If That Was Okay Then I Could Start Full-Time The Followin Monday..

I Was Made Up && Went Home To Finish Me Packin Off.. A Couple Of Hours Later She Rang Me && Said That She Was Doin The Rota For The Followin Week && Did I Want To Start Havin Thursdays Off Straight Away, Cos If So I Could Hve The First Thursday Off.. I Thought That Was A Bit Weird Cos I Was Supposed To Be Havin A Trial Shift First Bt By The Sound Of It That Was Over && Done With.. I Got The Impression She Lykd Me For Bein The Bolshy Git That I Am && It Now Meant I Could Go On Me Holidays Without Havin To Worry About Jobs..

Next Mornin I Was At A Very Cold Manchester Airport Waitin For Our Flight To Turkey.. Me, Gary && Me Mum Were All Wrapped Up Lyk It Was The Middle Of Winter.. Four Hours Later We Were Roastin In 30 Degree Sun.. An Hour After That I Was Checked In, In My Brand New Bikini && Drinkin Cocktails Sittin By The Pool Without A Worry In The World.. I Even Rang Davidd Just To Rub It In How Hot It Was && How Nice The Cocktails Were!! :roflao:

We Were At The Hotel That We Always Go To Bt Me && Gary Found A Restaurant About A Ten Minute Walk Down The Road Which Looked Great && We Wanted To Try It.. So The Three Of Us Went Down There && It Was Lovely.. Food Was Great && The Atmosphere In There Was Brilliant && It Was Quite Cheap.. Even Though We Were On Fully Inclusive At The Hotel, It Was Worth Payin The Extra At This Restuarant As A Treat.. As The Week Wore On Though, Me Mum Started Moanin About The Walk Down There.. I Know Her Health Isnt The Best Bt We Did Offer To Get A Taxi Down There Bt Even That Wasnt Good Enough For Her.. So We Started Stayin At The Hotel For Meals.. Then She Started Complainin About How Many Stairs There Are In The Hotel.. Bloody Hell, We Hve Been Comin To The Same Hotel For Years, She Knows What It Is Lyk, I Really Think She Was Just Lookin For Somethin To Moan About..

Me Mum Usually Goes To Bed About 10 O’Clock && Me && Gary Would Go Out To Clubs Most Nights.. I Hve Always Done That When I Am On Holiday With Me Mum.. I Am 26 Not 56, I Dont Want To Go To Bed At 10 O’Clock.. If I Am On Holiday With Mates In The Past, I Hve Done The Same Thing && Me Mum Knows That.. So She Started Moanin That She Was On Her Own At Night.. I Think Really She Was Missin Us Not Havin Alisha With Us, Bt Even That Was Her Idea Not To Bring Her Cos Shes At The Awkward Teenager Stage At The Moment.. So Me Mum Sort Of Took A Bit Of The Shine Off The Holiday Bt We Was Still Mostly Havin A Good Time..

Then On Thursday Davidd Rang Me && Blew Everythin Up With A Hand Grenade — && I Dont Mean The Cocktail.. He Said That He Had Just Heard On The News That England Was Closin The Travel Corridor With Turkey && That We Would Now Hve To Self-Isolate For Fourteen Days When We Get Back To England..

So Much For Me Startin The New Job!!

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

57 Comments on “Andreaa’s Diary #2 (From Turkey)”

  1. At least it was all sorted before you went on holiday and could enjoy the holiday. You never know, she might be okay with you self-isolating. It’s not like it is your fault, it could happen to anyone who works there.

  2. There are people that we look at in wonder due to their incredible intellect

    And those that we know who have just enough brain cells to keep them breathing.

  3. Not sure if Red Fred was very happy to see Barbara on his plot. They started singing this funny song so I went over to investigate. I told Barbara he should come back to the veranda with me. My human says that life’s too short to be grumpy. What’s she on about, what’s ‘grumpy’?

  4. Rolf report 4 Oct

    Sometimes I want to be an intrepid explorer, patrolling acres of my beloved campus. Other times I just want to be a snuggly lap cat. My English human is usually the preferred lap in our household as she gives the best cat massage. Laps are a great thing.

    Rolf x

  5. Goin the hospital or doctors proper scares me for real tho. U can go in there with a headache an come out with 6 months left to live. Fuck that raaa off!

  6. If any little shit knocks on my door this #Halloween with the words “trick or treat” I’m going to cough on them with the reply “coronavirus- how about that for a treat!”

  7. People want their political leaders to be held to account and take responsibility. Which is why I’m going on The Marr Show to blame the public for the second wave of COVID-19 and to blame the EU for the fact that Brexit is a disaster.

  8. My girlfriend only ever uses her new phone when I’m not around and quickly puts it away if I walk in. She’s embarrassed about it, isn’t she?

  9. when ya fellas being a gobshite do you ever think to yourself, i bet beyoncé wouldn’t put up with this shit. or are you normal & lash the remote at his head?

  10. Got to admit it folks, I got up, ate breakfast, pootled about for a bit and went straight back to bed. Isn’t that just what the perfect Sunday is all about? Have a nice day friends.

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