Andreaa’s Diary #6

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So First Of All I Was Goin To Write Yas This Week About Startin Me New Job && Then F*ckin Boris Bt Us On Lockdown Again && I Thought That Was The End Of Me Job.. Then I Thought, If I Got No Job I Will Just Be Sittin In The House All Day With Nothin To Write About So Wha Do I Do Then?? Now I Hve Been In Work This Week We Are Carryin On Workin So Am Ok Lyk.. Our Shop Is Carryin On With The Drive Thru && The Ones In Town Are Stayin Open Doin Drive-Thru && They Hve Click && Collect Too.. So Am Workin In Town At The Moment Trainin On How To Make Ya Coffees && How The Drive-Thru && Click && Collect Work.. To Be Honest Its A Piece Of Piss, Bt Hve Been Here All Week.. The Crowd Workin In This Shop Are Pretty Cool, So Hve Had A Laugh To Be Honest..

While Were On The Good News Bit I Can Tell Ya Gary Got Tha Job I Told Yas About On Me Last Diary.. Its Workin For A Housin Agency Doin Handyman Services && Property Maintenaince For The Tenants.. Hes Startin Next Week && He Even Gets A Red Van To Drive Round In Lyk Hes Postman Pat Or Somethin.. Hes Made Up && Is Workin On Through The Lock-Down Too.. That Means We Both Workin Full-Time && Its All Good.. This Rona Business Has Used Up Savings That I Hve Had To Use Cos Not Gettin Paid && Tha.. At Least Am Back On Me Feet Now && Can See Light At The End Of The Tunnel..

Or So I Thought…

Things Are Gettin Bad With Me Mum && I Dont Know Why.. She Just Picks At Everything.. The Other Night I Was Workin Late && When I Got In There Was Nothin For Tea.. I Said No Problem, I Would Go && Get A Take-Away && What Did She Want?? I Fancied Some Italian So I Went Through The Whole Menu Askin Did She Want This, Did She Want That.. “No”, Was The Only Answer I Got To Everything.. I Asked Her Wasnt She Hungry Or Did She Fancy Chinese Instead && She Said Just Get Wot Ya Lyk Am Goin To Bed.. Thanks Mum, Ya Could Of Said That Half-An-Hour Ago && Saved Me The Effort.. I Texted Gary && He Said He Hadnt Had Anythin Either, So I Picked Him Up && We Went && Got Some Scran && Took It Back To Ours..

Later On That Night It Was Pourin Down With Rain So I Left The Boxes The Food Come In By The Back Door To Take Out The Next Morning.. When I Got Up She Kicks Off About Me Leavin The Food Boxes By The Back Door Just To Rub It In That She Went To Be Hungry.. I Was Lyk, “Mum Ya Went To Bed Hungry Cos Thats What Ya Wanted To Do, I Went Through The Whole Menu With Ya!!” Then She Kicked Off About Gary Bein Round && I Was Lyk Whats Wrong With That?? Thats When She Really Shocked Me.. She Said He Was A Nonce Cos He Keeps Textin Alisha && Daniella Says That Alisha Is Bein Dead Secretive About Her Phone && Takin It Up To Her Room To Text On.. I Was Lyk, “Fuck Off Mum, Alisha Has Texted Every Bloody Boyfriend I Hve Ever Had.. She Gets Fixated On Them && If Ya Go On Her Facebook Ya Will See She Has Her Own Little Boyfriend Frm School.. Thats Probably Why She Is Bein Secretive Cos Our Family Are Piss-Takin T*ats At Times && She Doesnt Want Us Laughin At Her..”

I Was Fuckin Fumin About Her Sayin That About Gary.. She Never Said It About Jay && He Used To Go Round To Danielles && Take Her Out Places.. Am Not Sayin Jay Was Doin Anythin Wrong, Its Just That Alisha Lykd Him && He Considered Her His Niece Cos She Is My Niece, Gary Is The Same..

So I Told Me Mum I Was Seriously Considerin Movin Out Cos She Hasnt Been Right For Ages.. Ive Told Yas Before That She Is Ill With All kinds && Bein Bipolar Is One Of Them.. She Goes Round && Round In Circles.. She Feels Fedup && So She Takes Her Tablets Which Make Her Feel Better.. Then She Thinks That She Is Better && Doesnt Need The Tablets Any More && So Gets Fed Up Again.. I Know It Sounds Harsh Tellin Her I Am Movin Out Bt She Has Had Me Cryin Every Night This Week.. Its Lyk Shes Not Happy Until She Has Pushed && Pushed Until I Get Upset && Start Crying.. Then She Goes To Bed..

Poor Davidd Has The Patience Of A Saint.. I Keep Ringin Him Up && Cryin Down The Phone At Him Cos Am Pissed Off.. All I Do Is Get Up In The Mornin && Work Full-Time Then Hve To Come Home && Do The Cooking, Cleanin && House Work Cos She Doesnt Do It.. Then To Cap The Day Off She Kicks Off About Anythin She Can Think Off.. I Really Cant Take It Anymore.. I Am Close To Crackin Up.. Its Not Right When Ya Are Happier In Work Than Ya Are At Home..

Somethin Is Rotten In Denmark..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

67 Comments on “Andreaa’s Diary #6”

  1. You have to realise it is not her saying all this and behaving in this manner it is her disorder. That is what life with a bipolar sufferer is like unfortunately. They blow hot and cold and in your mum’s case, when she is blowing cold she is really blowing cold. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes and apologises to you some time this week.

    Hang in there Andreaa. I am sure she will come round.

  2. Hey little sis lets both fuck off to somewhere sunny, your ma can get a carer cos you have seen way too much already in your young years. About time you did stuff for you!!

    Stop taking shit little one. Sending hugs cos fuck the Rona ❤️




    Oh. Hang on. No he hasn’t. He’s just a Fucking Despot Nazi.

  4. Barbara didn’t come with me for my walk yesterday. I don’t know where he was, but I know that I missed him. I kept stopping, hoping he would appear, but he didn’t. When I got back to the veranda he was there, eating his breakfast. All that worry for nothing!

  5. Very good morning to you on fish for tea Friday – Whilst the Fat Controller is making porridge as lumpy as they are, I’m just having a quick tail and tushy warm up afore commencing meet and greet. Have a great day everyone :paws:

  6. Finally got me dogs papers and I’m sat here thinking I’ve got a different dogs papers hahah she can’t be a full pug her. I don’t care she’s my baby and I’d d*e for her even if she was a Jack Russell!

  7. Rolf report 6 Nov

    My American human is so considerate in the way he puts my needs first. I decided to have a nice sleep on top of the printer in his home office. My American human decided it was mean to move me so he just didn’t do any printing until I woke up.

    Rolf x

  8. Another truly sad loss… Ken Hensley was a great keyboard player, a lovely man and very much the mainstay of a special band. I’m finding all these losses very hard to mentally deal with.

  9. Bing – Bong!!!!

    Please do not run on the platform -The FC has spent an hour this morning dealing with a youngster who had tripped over their own shoelace whilst running on the platform sustaining a head injury
    Police and ambulance attended, they will be okay

  10. We now go live to Cloud Cuckoo Land to find out what Brexit supporting homophobic Tommy Robinson groupie and death penalty fan, Andrew Rosindell MP, thinks of the current situation in the US…

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