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fter Me Diary Last Week Our Charlie Rang Me && Said If I Was Upset At Me Mums Then I Could Go && Stay With Her && Her Boyfriend.. Charlie Is Me Cousin — Her Mum Is My Mums Sister — I Had Forgotten That She Reads Jammy Toast Bt Was Made Up How Kind That Was Of Her.. She Lives With Her Boyfriend && Should Of Been Gettin Married Around Now Bt Had To Postpone It Cos Of The Rona.. When Ya Got A Family The Size Of Ours, Gettin Married With Only A Few Guests Allowed Is Shit So She Had To Call It Off For Now.. Shes The Manager Of A Kwik-E-Mart Like I Used To Be.. I Was Really Touched Too, Davidd Said He Would Get A Dog Kennel In His Back Yard For Me To Stay In If I Wanted.. He Is All F*ckin Heart Him Yanoo!!

So Last Thursday Night Me Mum Kicked Off Again, This Time About Me Sayin I Was Movin Out.. She Was Screamin At Me That She Wouldnt Be Able To Cope On Her Own && Couldnt Afford The Bills Either Cos I Pay More Than Me Share.. So I Thought Am Not Goin To Turn This Into A Blazin Row So I Quietly Explained To Her That I Couldnt Carry On Livin In A Place Where She Was Callin Me Boyfriend A Nonce Even When Our Danielle Knew There Was Nothin Goin On Between Gary && Alisha.. I Quietly Explained To Her That Alisha Had A Boyfriend Frm School && She Was Shy About Tellin The Family Cos She Was Scared Everyone Would Laugh At Her.. So Even If Me Mum Apologised About That There Was Forever Goin To Be An Atmosphere Now If Gary Come Round With Her In The House..

I Told Her To Think About That Last Week Where She Had Me Cryin Every Single Night Over Nothing.. She Would Pick A Subject && Then Go On && On About It Until She Had Me In Tears && Then Calmly Wander Off To Bed.. Then I Told Her That Charlie Had Said I Could Go && Stay With Them For The Sake Of Me Sanity Until I Got Me Own Place.. She Didnt Say Much, Just A Half-Hearted Apology About Callin Gary A Nonce && Said That She Was Just Worried About Alisha && The Way She Was Behaving.. I Told Her That There Used To Be A Time When, If Somethin Was Happenin, She Would Come To Me && We Would Talk It Through Bt Those Days Are Now Long Gone..

She Didnt Really Hve Much To Say && Went To Bed..

Next Mornin She Was Still In Bed When I Went To Work Bt When I Come Home That Night The Whole Family Were There.. Vikki && The Kids, Danielle With Alisha && Even Our Julia With Her Kids Was There.. Soon As I Walked In The Door They All Started On Me Sayin I Couldnt Move Out Cos Me Mum Couldnt Cope On Her Own With The House && Everything.. Again I Thought I Didnt Want A Whole Family Screaming Row So I Explained What Had Been Happening, What Me Mum Had Said About Gary && How I Had Been In Tears Every Single Night For A Week Cos Of Me Mum Kickin Off At Me About Everythin She Could Think Of.. Slowly They All Started To Realise Who The Villan Of The Peace Was In Our House.. I Even Suggested That One Of Them Move In With Me Mum For A Week && See What She Is Lyk To Live With These Days.. They All Knew What I Meant && None Of Them Was Willin To..

I Also Let Off Some Steam About How They All Turn To Me For Help When They Are In The Shit.. Danielle Was A Prime Example.. Barry Had Fallen Off Some Scaffoldin && I Am There Helpin Out Lookin After The Kids When Shes Allowed To Go Visitin && Helpin Out With Money While Hes Not Working.. Same With Vikki, She Is On Her Own These Days Since She Kicked Her Fella Out So It Is Always Me Who Has To Go && Look After The Kids If She Has To Do Anythin Or Wants A Night Out.. Who Put Their Life On Hold Lookin After Alisha When She Come To Live With Us Cos She Couldnt Get On With Her Step-Dad?? Our Julia Stays Away Frm The House Cos She Knows What Me Mum Is Lyk Bt Uses Me As A Go Between.. They All Turn To Me When They Need To Bt No One Helps Me Out When Am Fed Up Of Gettin Shit On Frm A F*ckin Height.. I Dont Mind Helpin Them Out Cos What Are Sisters For?? If Any Of Them Need Anythin I Think It Is Great That They Feel They Can Turn To Me For Help Bt Why Doesnt It Work The Other Way Round?? Who Can I Turn To??

I Am The Only One Out Of The Lot Of Them Who Works Full-Time.. Then I Come Home && Go Shoppin Or Take Me Mum Shopping.. It Wouldnt Cost Any Of Them Anythin To Call For Me Mum && Take Her Shoppin When They Go.. I Do All The Cleanin && Washin && Tidyin Up After Me Mum Cos She Is Not Fit Enough To Do It Or Just Doesnt Want To Do It.. None Of Them Ever Come && Do Anything For Her.. My Whole Life Is On Hold Cos I Am Runnin Round After The Lot Of Them.. The Only Time I Get Any Time To Meself Or With Gary Is When I Take The Dog Out At Night.. Then I Get Shit If I Bring Him Back With Me..

To Be Fair To Me Mum, She Did Apologise For What She Had Said About Gary && She Didnt Realise That Alisha Had A Boyfriend Which Made Alisha Go Red In The Face With Embarrassment!! Bt For Once I Thought The Family Were Actually Listenin To Me && They Can See Where I Am Comin Frm Over This..

Then There Was A Knock On The Door.. One Of Our Lovely Neighbours Had Called The Police To Say That There Was About A Dozen People In Our House Frm Different Homes Havin A Party Against The Rona Rules..

Sometimes Ya Just Cant F*ckin Win!!

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa Kurby && I Am Havin A Boss Time Here Writing On The Blog && That Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin Too Old To Write && It's Doin Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed For Him, The Fu*kin State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Cant Write Stories. I Never Even Passed Me GCSE English.. But He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shite..

58 Comments on “Andreaa’s Diary #7”

  1. Twenty one years ago today we released my 4th film DOGMA. The flick showcases one of my favorite moments in all of my movies, when a wide-eyed Jay Mewes yells “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THAT GUY’S HEAD?!?” at Alanis Morissette and Alan Rickman. God, did we party like it was 1999… Which it was.

  2. Question for you all. If someone doesn’t have a real profile picture, do you imagine they look like the person in it? Hands up if you think I’m a fat bald twat…

  3. I have to laugh every time I think about the time r house got robbed cause the police woman was hugging me while I was sobbin & I was a proper fat 10 year old wearing an Everton top. I don’t even like football never mind Everton, why did I wear that?

  4. I gave up drinking for two months last year and honestly I felt absolutely amazing and I even lost a stone. I could focus on my work better and my mental health was boss. However I was boring as fuck and I thought to myself get a fucking life and went back on the gin.

    No disrespect intended to any alcoholics btw x

  5. Welcome to Friday the 13th which as it clashes with fish for tea Friday absolutely means I should get 13 pieces of fish in my dish, it’s feline law and will only be unlucky for the person who does not deliver it.

    Have a lovely day all! :paws:

  6. Kate was telling me about the little humans she brings to the allotments with The Open Door Project. Some of them are a bit scared of cats but they soon get used to me. I love the little humans and I’m so happy that Kate brings them, they really look forward to coming.

  7. Rolf report 13 Nov

    I continue to spend a lot of time at the home of my beloved campus mom Dr Claudia. Sometimes I’m in the mood to participate in her online teaching & appear on screen with her, other times not. She can always come and check in with me when she’s finished.

    Rolf x

  8. My birthday in 3 weeks, my mums just txt to ask if I got anything planned, yes Stace, going on an around the world cruise. I can’t even buy a fuckin mars bar without wearing a mask! KFC in bed for Jay, 2021 We Go Again!

  9. Simply playing the piano all day. A carbon copy of what I did yesterday. Only problem is that I constantly nibble Digestive and Rich Tea biscuits washed down with endless mugs of tea… I am guessing they are slightly more healthy than my favourite bourbons.

  10. I still remember teenage me when her labour card came in the post and she trotted off to the polls after work all excited. You stupid adorable optimistic little bitch!

  11. The departure of Dominic Cummings will bring big changes to my government. Instead of being corrupt, unscrupulous and incompetent, we will now be corrupt, unscrupulous and incompetent in a less focussed way.

  12. Today it is something called BBC Children In Need and the little people are helping by having crazy hair. They look brilliant! I’m doing my bit by conducting a snoozing marathon in the school library.

  13. Have Costa Coffee changed their cup sizes again? Because this hot chocolate I just bought had 6 mouthfuls in it. At 60p a mouthful, that is pretty expensive for a hot chocolate that was made in a cup that the guy dropped on the ground!

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