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ITold Yas About Harry Once Before When We Come Back Frm Holiday.. Harry Is 80 && Lives Next Door To Us All On His Own Since His Wife Died A Few Years Ago.. Me Mum Pops In && Makes Sure He Is Alright && He Comes && Spends Time With Us Now && Again Or Even Comes To Tea If Me Mum Can Talk Him Into It.. He Is Really Independant && You Hve To Convince Him That He Is Doin You A Favour Before He Will Come To Ours.. If He Thinks You Are Just Bein Kind To Him Cos He Is An Old Neighbour Then F*ck You, He Aint Coming.. Me Mum Loves The Bones Of Him Bt He Is A Right Cantagerous Git At Times..

He Was Married To His Wife For Fifty Years Bt Cos He Was So Stubborn Towards The End Of Her Life She Moved Out && Went To Live With A Friend In Kent.. It Was In Shelthered Accomodation Cos I Think She Needed The Help Bt With Harry He Would Never Let Anyone Come && Help Them, That Just Wasnt His Style.. She Still Rang Him Every Day To Make Sure He Was Okay && Just To Spend Time Chattin To Him.. Me Mum Reckons That She Still Loved Him Bt She Just Couldnt Live With Him && His Ways.. Cant Live With Him && Cant Live Without Him, It Was One Of Them.. He Would Always Tell Me Mum What She Had Said On The Phone Every Time She Popped Round.. Her Name Was Elizabeth && It Was Always Elizabeth Said This && Elizabeth Said That.. He Never Called Her Anythin Else, He Never Abbreviated Her Name To Liz Or Lizzie Or Anything, It Was Always The Full On Elizabeth..

He Always Used To Pass On Stories About Our Family That Me Mum Told Him.. If One Of The Family Had A Baby && Me Mum Told Harry Then A Couple Of Days Later A Card Would Arrive Frm Kent Signed Best Wishes Frm Elizabeth.. When My Nephew Ethan Was In Hospital After An Asthma Attack She Rang Up To Make Sure He Was Alright.. Truth Be Told I Think It Was The Highlight Of Harrys Day When She Rang Him && He Had His Beloved To Talk To.. If He Had Asked Her To Come Back && Promised That He Wouldnt Be So Stubborn Then I Am Sure She Would Of Come Back Bt He Would Never Ask Her To.. He Was Too Proud.. He Made Out Lyk He Wasnt Bothered One Way Or The Other Bt He Was.. He Still Loved His Wife He Just Wouldnt Admit It To Anyone, Not Even Himself.. Once My Mum Suggested That He Told Her That He Wanted Her To Come Back && That He Loved Her && Missed Her.. He Just Said That He Was Too Old For All That Romance Novel Shit..

They Would Even Hve Arguments On The Phone About The Things They Remembered.. They Would Remember Things Differently && He Would Argue That He Was Right && She Had Got The Facts All Wrong.. They Usually Made Up && Ended Up Laughin About Their Little Rows Over Nothing..

Then One Day She Never Rang..

Harry Sat By The Phone Waitin For Her Call Bt It Just Never Came.. Same The Next Day.. At First Me Mum Thought He Had Upset Her Over Somethin He Had Said Lyk He Had Done Hundreds Of Times Before.. It Was Strange Though Cos Whatever He Said To Upset Her She Still Rang The Next Day.. My Mum Suggested He Rang Her Bt He Said He Didnt Hve The Number.. Me Mum Suggested That He Get The Number Frm BT Cos Hardly Anyone Else Ever Rang Him.. The Number She Was Ringin Frm Would Stand Out Lyk A Sore Thumb On His Bill.. Me Mum Told Him If He Dialled 1471 It Would Probably Give Him Her Number Cos No One Else Ever Rang Him Bt He Wouldnt.. He Just Said She Will Be In Touch When She Is Ready..

A Couple Of Weeks Went By && He Still Hadnt Heard Frm Her.. My Mum Took Things Into Her Own Hands && Started Searchin For Her On The Internet && Discovered That She Had Passed Away.. Me Mum Didnt Know What To Do.. She Knew That His Wife Had Family In London Bt She Didnt Know Where They Were Or Even Know Their Family Name.. If She Asked Harry What Her Maiden Name Was Then He Would Smell A Rat && Know Somethin Was Off.. So Me Mum Had To Come Clean && Tell Him What She Had Discovered.. He Would Want To Go To The Funeral, He Would Want To Pay His Last Respects Or Even Visit Her && Say His Last Goodbye..

Me Mum Told Him That She Had Died && He Just Took It On The Chin.. She Said He Would Probably Hve Shown More Emotion If His Cat Had Been Run Over.. He Said He Didnt Want To Make A Fuss With Her Family && That He Would Just Light A Candle In Our Church && Say His Goodbyes That Way.. Me Mum Told Him That He Couldnt Just Let Go Of Someone He Was Married To For Fifty Years Just Lyk That Bt He Would Get Mad At Her Lyk She Was Stickin Her Nose In..

She Was Dead, He Would Say His Goodbyes In His Own Way && That Was The End Of The Story As Far As He Was Concerned..

I Hope I Never Get Lyk That When I Get Old.. I Still Cry Over Dogg && He Has Been Dead For Years.. I Hope I Stay That Way..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

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  1. Little Janet let Kate stroke her yesterday! It might not seem very exciting, but Kate has been patiently waiting for this moment for ages. Good things are worth waiting for, aren’t they?

  2. Happy Roast Din-dins for dinner day everyone. I hope it’s chicken and no doubt the Fat Controller will attempt to break the world record for roast potato eating.

  3. I’m off to work then dog walking then sitting in the house watching shite telly. Save Bill Gates bothering to look at my micro chip. Same again tomorrow if he wants a long weekend off?

  4. Me: You’ve heard of elf on a shelf but what about baby Yoda on a pagoda, lol I’m hilarious!

    Twitter: This is not original!

    Me: But I literally just thought of it.

    Twitter: Well a million people thought of it first!

    Me: I will now sadly return to my pond…
    Crying face

  5. Rolf report 15 Nov

    I usually walk home from campus via what my humans call “the northern passage” route. It means I cross some roads. So they’re painstakingly trying to re-train me to walk home through the woods via the “southern passage” which is safer for me. They’re trying.

    Rolf x

  6. We have lost a true gent, one who was never more than a note away from a song or a laugh, and who never failed to say ‘piddle, bum, and stocking tops’ if any of us fluffed a line. Countdown audiences adored him – and so did we. Sing on, Des.

  7. So sad to hear of Des O’Connor’s passing… I expect Eric Morecambe is up there to welcome him! I played on quite a few of Des’s records and even got paid for some of them… a lovely man. A true gentleman.

  8. Kel has a pet log now, she has adopted it!

    Unfortunately I think there is now something up with her bladder as she stopped to (try to) pee 30x in just over 15mins this morning. Fortunately we have a vet appointment tomorrow anyway to check up on the last thing that was wrong with her.

  9. It’s a quiet Sunday & I’m having a hokey cokey kind of day… in, out, in, out. Did a perimeter check of the hedges, the usual Sunday Mexican stand-off with the local squirrel fraternity & now I’m off for an afternoon nap. :paws:

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