Wirral’s Old Railway Stations #13

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Here at Jammy Toast we have always had a fascination with the old railway lines and stations that abound around the Wirral. For example, did you know that the West Kirby line didn’t use to end at West Kirby but instead continued round and joined up with Hooton Station? There was also a line that continued on from Rock Ferry that went down to Monks Ferry and on to a station down at Woodside. We have recently been researching (a big thanks to the Disused Stations website for much of the information!) just where all these lines and stations were situated, when they opened and closed and also the state of any remaining sites today. The whole subject is a fascinating insight into a past age of steam which has interested people for many years

Hancock’s Half Hour #1

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Last month, on the original Jammy Toast, I said I was going to start posting old radio shows of Hancock’s Half Hour. As soon as I did that, Davidd and Andreaa decided to close the site down and start this new Jammy Toast. It is as if they are starting a personal war against my old posts. Twice on Jammy Toast I have started a series featuring our old cars that we have owned over the years and twice something has come up to block me attempting to complete the series. It is okay though; I shall not take it personally. In fact, I do like the old-fashioned design of the new Jammy Toast; it fits in so well with my old posts.