How True Was The Chernobyl Miniseries?

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Acouple of weeks ago, my good friend Erik featured Chernobyl as one of our Telly Favourites. The miniseries was based on the real-life events surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster from 1986 – but just how much of it is true and how many liberties were taken with the story? We have to confess that the miniseries did give us a few sleepless nights here at Jammy Toast, thinking about what could have been. The initial explosion, the cloud of nuclear fallout sent around Europe and the danger of the core melting through the concrete base of the reactor and leaking radioactive material into the water table and onward into rivers and oceans. It could have been the end of the world – but just how close were we to destroying our planet?

Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

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Are we about to boldly go where no-one has gone before?

Most episodes of Star Trek begin with members of the Enterprise beaming down to the surface of a planet and having that week’s adventure. Then the programme ends when the crew beams back to the Enterprise and travels off into space at the speed of light ready for next week’s exploits. A great way of travelling this beaming up and down – it sure beats getting the bus. However, Chinese scientists say they have now “teleported” a photon particle from the ground to a satellite orbiting nearly a thousand miles away. So the big question is: is a world which was previously confined to science fiction now becoming reality?

What Became Of The 12 Apostles?

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After the last supper Jesus was betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver, Peter denied knowing Him three times, and Thomas doubted Jesus had risen from the dead after the crucifixion. The Easter story tells us what happened to Jesus but what happened to his so called friends? What happened to his disciples, who became the 12 Apostles? Very little is known about their lives after the crucifixion but now writer Tom Bissell, who has spent four years travelling the world, has unearthed the stories, myths and legend about their later lives. He found a melting pot of historical fact and religious fiction making for very colourful tales…

Happy Valentine’s Day #4

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Scene from Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Everyone here at Jammy Toast would like to wish all our friends a very happy Valentine’s Day. People make this wish every year and send each other cards but I can’t help but wonder just how many people know where Valentine’s Day comes from or even who Saint Valentine was? Well, in fact, there are numerous early Christian martyrs named Valentine. However, the Valentines honoured on 14th February are Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni.

Revenge Is A Meal Best Served Cold

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Back in 1994 a photograph of the Loch Ness Monster was confirmed as a hoax. The story began in 1933 when a big-game hunter by the name of Marmaduke Wetherell was employed by the Daily Mail newspaper to investigate the story of the Loch Ness Monster. He went to Loch Ness and claimed to have found some footprints. However, when they were sent to scientists for analysis, they turned out to be hippopotamus footprints. A prankster had used a hippopotamus’ foot umbrella-stand to make the footprints and Wetherell had been taken in by the hoax. However, this did not stop the Daily Mirror from ridiculing Mr Wetherell in the newspaper.

A Day To Unite

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We never really show our support for charity here on Jammy Toast but today we thought we would throw out a mention to Cancer Research UK. On the 4th February it is World Cancer Day and to raise funds Cancer Research UK will be selling Unity Bands to help fill the coffers. You can purchase a Unity Band online from The Cancer Research Gift Shop or call in at any Rowlands Chemist and hand over £2. You know how these things happen, that band will slowly become the fashion item of the year, not to mention the help you are doing, so make sure you get yours, don’t miss out!

Planet Nine?

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American astronomers say they have strong evidence that there is a ninth planet in our Solar System orbiting far beyond even the dwarf world Pluto. The team, from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has no direct observations to confirm its presence just yet. Rather, the scientists make the claim based on the way other far-flung objects are seen to move. But if proven, the putative planet would be 10 times the size of Earth. The Caltech astronomers have a vague idea where it ought to be in the sky, and their work is sure to fire a campaign to try to track it down.