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Only Know About Livin In Kirkby Cos I Never Lived Nowhere Else.. Bt Me Granddad Used To Tell Me Stories About Livin In Everton Valley In Liverpool.. None Of The Houses That He Used To Live In Are Left Now, They Was All Knocked Down Because They Used To Call Them Slums.. Thousands Of People Woz Kicked Out Of Their Homes && Had To Move To Either Kirkby, Speke, Widnes Or Skelmersdale.. Just So They Could Knock Their Houses Down.. Me Granddad Said It Was Called Progress Bt Really It Was Just Slum Clearance.. He Said That The City Changed Forever.. Scotland Road (Or Scottie Road As Everyone Calls It) && Everton Valley Was Basically Bulldozed To The Ground.. Even Though No One Wanted It To Happen, It Was Still Flatened..

It Was A Dead Sad Thing To Happen, Not Just Because Of The Houses That Everyone Loved Was Bein Knocked Down, Bt Some Families Was Even Gettin Split Up.. Me Granddad Said The Houses Werent Great && Were Dead Old Fashioned.. Loads Of Them Had No Bathrooms, The Toilet Was At The Bottom Of The Back Yard && There Was No Hot Water Bt They Could Of Modernised Them.. He Also Said That He Used To Get The Tin Bath Off The Yard Wall On Sundays && Get A Bath In Front Of The Fire.. It Wasnt Great Bt It Was The Homes That Everyone Loved.. They Didnt Want To Move Into Great Big Tower Blocks Where No One Knew Anyone Else && There Was No Community Or Nothin..

The People Around Scottie Road Had Known Each Other For A Life Time.. Relatives, Families, Friends && Neighbours Had Lived Together For Years && Years Bt Were Now Goin To Be Spread Out All Over Liverpool.. Some Was Even Moved As Far Away As Runcorn.. Everyone Was Forced To Move To Corporation Housin Estates Bt It Was Hard To Forget Hundreds Of Years Of Livin In A Community Around Everton, Kirkdale, Everton Valley && Islington.. Scottie Road Had More Than Forty Pubs Along It && Was Famous For People Sayin There Was A Pub On Every Corner.. There Was Paddy’s Market Too Which Was Famous All Over The World.. There Was Great Homer Street Too.. Me Granddad Said There Used To Be Hundreds Of Shops All The Way Along It && The ‘Greaty’ Open Air Market.. There Used To Be Netherfield Road Too With The Houses Painted Either Orange Or Green To Show If Ya Was A Protestant Or A Catholic..

The Council Just Decided To Knock It All Down.. Everythin Was Going.. My Granddads Best Mate Who He Went To School With, Then Went Off To War With && Finally They Worked On The Docks Together, He Didnt Wait For The Council.. Me Granddad Said He Decided To Go && Live Abroad — In New Brighton.. :roflao:

There Was Even Stories That The Council Was Goin To Knock The Slums Down Before The New Houses Was Even Ready.. They Were Goin To Put People On Boats Down At The Docks Bt It Didnt Happen In The End.. The Council Had An Attack Of Common Sense Which Me Granddad Said Wasnt Very Common In Them Days.. Sooner Or Later Everyone Went Off To Their New Council Estates && Some Of Them Never Saw Their Mates Ever Again.. They Only Had Their Memories Left..

In The Old Houses They Used To Leave Their Front Doors Open So That Mates && Neighbours Could Just Walk In An Shout Hello.. In The New Houses They Had To Lock The Doors && In Some Places They Even Had To Put Bars On The Windows It Was That Bad.. Me Granddad Said That In Kirkby No One Knew Anyone Else Like In The Old Houses.. All The Friendships Were Knocked Down With Those Houses.. Someone Wrote A Poem About It — It Might Of Been A Song, Am Not Sure — && It Always Reminds Me Of The Stories Me Granddad Used To Tell Me.. It Always Makes Me Cry Too.. Its Called Back Buchanan Street…

A feller from the Corpy, just out of plannng school,
Has told us that we’ve got to move right out of Liverpool.
They’re moving us to Kirkby to Skelmersdale and Speke,
But we want to stay where we used to play in Back Buchanan Street.

Don’t want to go to Kirkby, don’t want to go to Speke,
Don’t want to go from all I know in Back Buchanan Street.

I’ll miss the pub around the corner, with the parlour painted red,
Likewise the green goddesses, likewise the Overhead.
And lots of other little things, like putting out the cat,
Cause there’s no back door on the 14th floor of a corpy Tower-block flat.

Don’t want to go to Kirkby, don’t want to go to Speke,
Don’t want to go from all I know in Back Buchanan Street.

I’ll miss the Mary Ellens, Me Dad’ll miss the docks.
Me Gran’ll miss the wash-house where she washed me grandad’s socks
They’ve pulled down Paddy’s Market, where me Ma once had a stall,
And soon their picks & shovels will be through our backyard wall.

Don’t want to go to Kirkby, don’t want to go to Speke,
Don’t want to go from all I know in Back Buchanan Street.

From Bootle to the Dingle, you can hear the same old cry,
“Stop mucking round with Liverpool, at least until I die”.

Here Come The F*ckin Tears Again..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa Kurby && I Am Havin A Boss Time Here Writing On The Blog && That Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin Too Old To Write && It's Doin Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed For Him, The Fu*kin State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Cant Write Stories. I Never Even Passed Me GCSE English.. But He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shite..

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    1. Mary Ellen: a woman working as a market trader, in use since 1940s – the name was often used in folk songs, but who the original Mary Ellen was isn’t known.

  1. St Domingo Road was knocked down too. My nan used to live there. They had a church called St Domingo’s Methodist Church which was just round the corner on Breckfield Road. You might have heard of them, they later changed their name to Everton FC.

  2. The numbers are astonishing. In 1958, the Liverpool Echo revealed the overspill impact of city demolition would be as follows:

    48,000 moved to Skelmersdale.
    18,000 would go to Widnes.
    19,350 would move to Halewood.
    6,000 would go to Cantril Farm.
    3,500 moved to Formby.
    30,000 became Andreaa’s neighbours in Kirkby.

  3. I was born in Liverpool, down by the docks,
    My religion was Catholic; occupation – hard knocks.
    At stealing from lorries, I was adept,
    and underneath overcoats each night I slept.

    Over at Anfield the shirts they are red.
    And the players play football as though they were dead.
    While over at Goodison the shirts they are blue,
    and the football they play is fantastic to view.

    If it’s football you’re wanting, the team at the top,
    is the team that they’re singing about in the Kop;
    this city has got two great teams it deserves;
    Liverpool … First Team, and Liverpool Reserves.

    I took a walk along Lime Street one day,
    I saw a “Young lady” a-heading my way;
    “Have you got the right time, love”, says I to the lass,
    She said, “I’ve got the time, Jack, if you’ve got the brass.”

    When I grew up, I met Bridget McCann;
    she said, “You’re not much, but I’m needing a man;
    I want sixteen kids, and a house out in Speke;
    well, the flesh it was willing, but the spirit was weak.

    Walton Gaol is the place for a quiet weekend.
    Climb over the wall, and you’ll meet all your friends.
    You can sit and watch telly, drink whisky and beer
    and chalk on the prison walls; “Kilroy was here”.

    We’ve got wide open spaces like the Wavertree Park,
    where it’s unsafe by daylight and more so by dark
    We’ve got places of culture like Dingle and Speke,
    where they play “tick” with hatchets, and fight with their feet.

    We’ve got romantic places like the Cast-Iron Shore,
    where you can find someone else’s back door,
    We had John, we had George, Ringo and Paul,
    the Liverpool Spinners, and the St George’s Hall.

    Way out in Kirkby, the kids they wear clogs,
    there’s eight million kids there’s ten million dogs.
    They play “tick” with hatchets, I tell you no lie,
    and they call you a “cissy” if you’ve more than one eye.

    When my last whistle blows & the “Ref Up There” says;
    “You’ve supped your last Guinness,lad, it’s the end of your days,”
    Take my ashes to Old Trafford and spread them around,
    and they won’t win a match while I’m haunting the ground.

  4. I think it’s hysterical the way people get really angry with you when you have the “nerve” not to believe the lies they’re coming out with. How the fuck does that work?

  5. Ye fella is commenting on all Pickfords insta posts calling him a nasty pasty. Gutted for ye. Seriously fellas, go have the angriest wank, put your phones down and get some fresh air. This derby stress is gonna kill ya.

  6. A lot of things are terrible and I am constantly on the edge of a panic attack, BUT every evening I think about how in the morning I will have a nice coffee and a nice walk with Kel before I have to face the bad things and do you know, I actually feel something approaching joy?

    Idk how long it’s been since I felt that but it’s… a while!

  7. Rrrr Me mum n dad were arguin once and for context me nan has swollen feet cause she’s proper old and can’t get about. N me mum goes at least my ma is still alive n kickin and me dad went ye kickin with her big fat foot Hahaahahahahahahahahaha

  8. “Wakey-wakey, rise & shine – give me a kiss and you can be mine!”

    Happy Tuna Tuesday every one, May your day be sprinkled with smiles, hope and lots of tea breaks.

  9. Jeff Bridges: Oscar-winning US actor reveals he has lymphoma. The Oscar-winning American actor has revealed he has lymphoma but says his “prognosis is good”.

  10. I have seen a photo of a tiny little human called Artie, he is my human’s great-grandson. He is 7 weeks old and is wearing an outfit that says ‘Cat Enthusiast’. I haven’t met him yet but I have a feeling we are going to be friends. ‘Enthusiast’ is a funny word, isn’t it? I’ll have to ask my human to explain it to me.

  11. I’m bored with telling everyone how I broke my foot falling off a ladder, so from now on I’m going to say I was listening to Fleetwood Mac on a skateboard and drinking cranberry juice.

  12. Rolf report 20 Oct

    I met Lauren, a Digital Healthcare Science student at ⁦Warwick⁩. She fed me some Lick-E-Lix which instantly made her my new best friend. I often have to be bribed to stop & interact as I’ve got my head down, too busy with my patrolling duties.

    Rolf x

  13. I have had peoples asking what do I do at Christmas? I go home with my dad, eat turkey and gravy and watch TV on his lap in front of the fire ( oh and wait for Santy Paws too!) :paws:

  14. Just to confirm – I am NOT pregnant. I’ll say that again, I am no pregnant. My womb is not ocupado. Taking out a nipple piercing does not = preggo.

    Thank you. You can hang up the csi boots now please :halo:

  15. I’ve not had a night out wayyy since before lockdown commenced. So. Is going out worth the bother anymore because I feel like having a little blow out with the twirlz x

  16. One of my very old windows in my 100 year old house was not staying shut at the top so I ignored it for months and just now, armed with various tools I attempted to fix it. But first I tried just shutting it and it stayed shut. So yes, I AM some kind of home repair genius!

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