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There is nothing we love more here at Jammy Toast than listening to some of our favourite tunes. From time to time we will post a music video from an artist or genre that we think will be enjoyable to you; our friends. We often feature music that you may not have come across before, or music that maybe you just missed the first time around. Try and listen with an open mind, you never know, you may find something you can add to your iPod. If you have any music videos you would like us to feature then drop us a line – we are always happy to listen to requests but we cannot promise to feature everyone’s favourite

In 2007, a benefit concert to commemorate the life of music executive Ahmet Ertegun was staged with a reunited Led Zeppelin as the main act. They played several of their most famous songs to an enthusiastic crowd and coordinated a professional recording of the show with 16 cameras, with the prospect of a home video release. Rumours immediately circulated that the recording would become available, but the following year, band member Jimmy Page said that release wasn’t certain and that it required mixing and would be a “massive job to embark on.” Bassist John Paul Jones agreed that he would like to see it released commercially, but that there was no timeline. Even through 2010, Page was uncertain of the status of the album.

On 9th September 2012, the band updated its Facebook page, which led to widespread speculation that the release was finally ready. Details leaked over the following days, with a source telling announcing that the album was due for release later that year and theatre web sites announcing airings of the film slated for the following month.

On 13th September, the band revealed that the film would hit theatres on 17th October, with premieres in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Tokyo and that the home video was scheduled for 19th November. The surviving members of the band appeared at a press event on 21st September to promote the release. They debuted the film at the Odeon West End and answered questions afterward; when queried about more reunion performances, the trio were coy.

Like the 2007 greatest hits album Mothership, the cover and promotional art were designed by Shepard Fairey. Alan Moulder worked with Jimmy Page on mixing the album but used only a minimal amount of overdubs and corrections, as both the performance itself and the recording were of high quality.

This is Kashmir from the concert…

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Don’t forget, if you have any music videos you would like us to feature in the future, drop us a line. We are always happy to listen to requests from others, we cannot promise to feature any but we will try our best to find the videos if we think others will enjoy.

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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr Plant play Glastonbury many years ago and he was amazing. Much better than anyone else I saw or thought I saw that weekend :roflao:

  2. Imagine being in the pub with Jason the next day…

    Do anything last night, Jas?
    Nah, just playing in a band of my dad’s mates.
    Oh right, what are they called?
    Led Zeppelin!

  3. Why does NO ONE here sell edibles like honestly.. last time I made my own I ate 2 cup cakes drank a cup of tea and for some reason fell asleep.. I woke up looked in the mirror I was GREEN.. I was sound an hour later out the back on the decking praying I wouldn’t die. :roflao:

  4. Trying to explain Twitter to someone who doesn’t use it…

    They’re like oh ok so u have an alias &most people have aliases & then you have friends called “shagoff” and “Sicknote” who show affection by calling you a whore?


    And you all like to join together as aliases to argue with people of differing political stances?


    And you all make fun of balds?



    *awkward silence ensues*

  5. Rolf report August 12

    I didn’t venture out far yesterday due to wind & rain. I came home at lunchtime completely drenched & had to be towelled down by my human. I popped out again later to inspect my domain. Even bad weather can’t keep a cat from his patrolling mission.

    Rolf x

  6. Red Fred is so happy to see my human that he makes it almost impossible for her to walk down the path. I’m always happy to see her too, but I don’t try and trip her up.

  7. “I say, old fellow,” said Rabbit cheerfully, “you’re taking up a good deal of room in my house – do you mind if I use your back legs as a towel-horse? Because there they are -doing nothing – and it would be very convenient to hang the towels on them.”

  8. Right then . Off to strip out a church kitchen. Hopefully I’ve got the date right? Unlike last Monday. Off across the bridges. Wish me luck .


  9. Dear Royal Mint

    Thank you again for my birthday present. I am going to use my V.I.B ticket today, to go on an adventure. I think I’ll go and say hello to the ravens first.


  10. My girlfriend’s bought *mild* cheddar. This on the back of recently finding out she puts bank notes in her purse without ensuring all the Queens’ heads face the same way!

    I should dump her, shouldn’t I?

  11. The gods have brought my angles due date forward and caused her to be a Libra. I think this could be a celebration. Boss having a planned birth, can get all dolled up in advance :nail-polish:

  12. We are in Mint Street where The Royal Mint were based for hundreds of years. Jonathan was disappointed when he found out that they make coins, not sweets.


  13. Boris Johnson has pledged 10,000 new prison places for the UK, meaning those who want access to food post-Brexit can simply hold up an off-licence.

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