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You may have noticed that some prestigious companies have “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” on their products and stationary. These companies are Royal Warrant Holders; they are “united by their commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence”, to The Queen, Prince Phillip or Prince Charles. We thought it was about time The Bears gave out Bear Warrants to people and companies who supply excellent service and products to the bears here at Jammy Toast. We do not accept any form of advertising here at Jammy Toast but we do believe in acknowledging companies who have provided us with excellent service and so today we would like to recommend

Branston is a British food brand best known for the original Branston Pickle, a jarred pickled chutney first made in 1922 in the village of Branston near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire by Crosse & Blackwell. However, the Branston factory proved to be uneconomical, and production was moved to Crosse & Blackwell subsidiary, E Lazenby & Sons in Bermondsey, London, where it invested in new buildings in 1924 and 1926, which remained in use until 1969.

In 2004, the pickle business was sold by Nestlé to Premier Foods and production was moved to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Premier Foods sold the brand to Mizkan in 2013, at which time it ceased to be labelled as Crosse and Blackwell because in Europe this name was sold separately to Princes Group. The pickle product sells over 17 million jars a year in the UK alone.

Additional Branston products include mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, brown sauce and salad cream.

Usually, if anyone fancies some baked beans they head straight to the Heinz label but in 2005, Premier Foods launched Branston Baked Beans. The marketing and promotion of this product was aimed at challenging Heinz’s dominance of the UK baked bean market. This marketing included an advert, featuring a Branston Bean Tin explaining how Branston Beans are very “saucy”. Promotional activities included a ‘Great British Bean Poll’ where members of the public across the country were invited to blind taste both ‘the brand leader’ (assumed to be Heinz) and Branston. In the poll, 76% of participants chose Branston over the brand leader.

Here at Jammy Toast we were hooked on the new Branston Baked Beans and even when Heinz elected to change their recipe in the face of Branston’s aggressive marketing, we stayed loyal to Branston – our new favourite beans.

Premier Foods have also recently extended the traditional Branston Pickle brand name by producing Branston Relishes in four different flavours: Hot Chilli & Jalapeño, Gherkin, Sweet Onion and Tomato & Red Pepper.

In 2015, a sweet chili-flavoured pickle was launched, and the brand’s rich and fruity sauce was relaunched, along with two new sauce flavours, rich and spicy and rich and smoky. In 2017, Branston launched its tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and brown sauce lines in single-serving sachet packaging.

Walkers once produced a variety of crisps called “Cheese and Branston Pickle”.

In 2013, it was announced that as part of an aggressive debt reduction strategy, Premier Foods would be selling the Branston brand to Japanese food manufacturer Mizkan Group for £92.5m, joining Sarson’s vinegar and Hayward’s pickled onions as recent Mizkan brand acquisitions. However, the Bury St Edmunds plant still continues to manufacture Branston products.

Razzi maintains that since we have moved over to Branston Baked Beans, other beans are now toast!

Hahaha see what he did there?

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  1. We’d just like to reassure everybody that Major Clanger was never in the military. He was called “Major” because Small was originally to be called “Minor” but Oliver and Peter changed their minds. Hope that has sorted that rumour out.

  2. Opens twitter to 20+ notifications.

    Twitter: No one likes your tweets, but here are some examples of what people do like. Be more like them you worthless piece of shit.

  3. The threat of being Shat on by a Pigeon has been reduced from “Severe” to “Substantial” meaning I will still Shit, but it’ll probably just go on your shoulder a bit.

  4. Rolf report Nov 5

    I’m not happy about my state of home imprisonment. When my human came home I was a grumpy cat. Usually I protest with loud meows but I was quiet & brooding. I forgave her somewhat when she took me on a leash walk. My coat complements the autumn colours.

    Rolf x

  5. What a difference there is in Kate’s chickens. The new ones are so pale and their feathers are not smooth like the chickens Kate rescued last year. Bella is improving a bit and Kate brings special food for her to build her up. They are happy chickens now.

  6. “You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.”

  7. My daughters had her hair cut and she’s proper feeling herself and I just heard her say to her mate on the phone it’ll look nice with her “big eyebrows on” is I weird I COMPLETELY understood what she meant?

  8. When do we find out who’s in if we go to vote? Imagine the scenes if labour get in. Thank god most my mates are all thick twats who don’t have a clue about politics, it means I’ll have loads of babysitters. We can have a big party and Irene can do a curry on the slow cooker.

  9. We have a room in our house that was rarely used. So, I spruced it up a bit for myself. Got a new futon cover, some throw pillows, even got a turntable so I can play my vinyl. Guess which room is everyone’s favorite now?

  10. Having a baby is the most amazing but most SCARIEST time ever. The love is like no other & so is the fear, ‘omg whys she breathing so fast? OMG is she breathing? what if she’s too cold? What if she’s too warm? Why is she sleeping too long why isn’t she sleeping much?’ The midwives do an amazing job but do they think of the anxiety they put us mothers through? So casually talking about how common SIDS is then asking how our mood is? It’s fucking great Donna thanks haven’t slept for checking if she’s breathing all night but I’m FANTASTIC MATE!

  11. No ones forcing anyone to buy a pride poppy and the money all goes to the same place the red ones go, they’re doing no harm. Tbf I don’t understand what one cause has to do with the other either but I do understand no harm was meant by it imo so let’s all stop fighting Tysm xx

  12. Made mistake of visiting mum. She seems to be compiling a league table of people she hates most. I think I’m in a Europa League spot but I still have ambitions for the big one.

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