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For some time now we have been featuring our good friend Garfield at the foot of all our posts. We have a fondness for the cat who hates Monday but loves lasagne. I know many of you also enjoy the ginger cat’s adventures too from things you have said and comments you have left. We did originally plan to feature a bear cartoon but we couldn’t find one that was both funny and available in the quantity to enable us to feature a strip every day. Now we have found the adventures of a little girl called Molly and her scaredy-cat bear simply called Bear. However, don’t worry we are not planning on dropping Garfield but instead featuring both cartoons daily.

Molly and her bear is a comprehensive syndicated web comic by Bob Scott. The strip features the quick-witted humour and delightful art that has garnered Molly and the Bear its strong and loyal fan base. The charming cast of characters, all drawn in Bob’s distinctive and endlessly entertaining style, starts with Bear, an 800-pound wild bear who is afraid of everything and even allergic to his own fur. He meets Molly, an 11-year-old girl who becomes his best friend and main therapist. With her help, Bear becomes a permanent part of the Henderson family’s home. Although living with a bear is not always easy, it makes every day an adventure filled with silly, heart-warming, hilarious moments.

Here is the opening story…

New Strip; Bear With Me

New Strip; Bear With Me

So each day, from now on, we shall feature Garfield and Bear With Me on a daily basis. We hope you will grow to enjoy Molly and Bear the same way everyone seems to enjoy Garfield, Jon, Nermal, Odie, Arlene and Pooky.

Let us know what you think.

Garfield StripGarfield is copyright © Paws, Inc. If you like the cartoons we reproduce here on Jammy Toast, please consider purchasing some of the Garfield merchandise. These are available through where you can view them in full-colour and at a higher quality!

Bear With Me StripBear With Me is copyright © Bob Scott. If you like the cartoons we reproduce here on Jammy Toast, please consider purchasing some of the Bear With Me merchandise. These are available through where you can view them in full-colour and at a higher quality!

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37 Comments on “Bear With Me”

    1. I think it’s a brand name that is used in America so they probably hear it every day over there. Bear With Me is definitely not high-brow!!

          1. Drug? Wtf you on about? Plus as I seem to remember I was a drug worker baldie! Keep watching the amputee midget porn father. #DirtyDad
            Plus I have no cookies Daddy dearest I have peanut butter cups these days. Shame after eating them the only one with me in bed is Eddie :sad:

            1. Regaine, Rogaine call it what you will, but it has an active ingredient in it which is a DRUG!

              Drug worker? More like a Drug Shirker, you spent more time at home in bed with Eddie Bear!

              1. I am trained in aesthetics father, thats how I know about balding products.

                I spent more time chatting to yanks on msn you mean. Then getting promoted after they found porn on my computer. I remember the day well being called to head office after they took my computer. I think we all know I’m a bit filthy but there were a lot of dicks on that computer. They sat me down and said do you know why you are here? I gulped thinking fuck this is it the sack. Erm no I say, he looked me dead in the eye and said really? No I say. Well you are being given a new title, your now a team leader. :roflao:

                Who says porn doesn’t pay?!?

  1. There is a hard-back “Molly and the Bear” book which harkens back to the golden age of newspaper comics which is well worth a look if you like this strip. Think it came out around ten years ago and I still delve into it every so often. Great read.

  2. Judging by all the screaming and moaning, I’m not sure if the vegan couple next door to me are shagging, or if they just had bacon for the first fucking time!!!!

  3. The new exercise regime is really coming along… I’ve made a graph of when & where I exercise & what the exercise will entail. It was exhausting putting it together. Next decision will be when I start. Tough decision… Just put my grey cap on which must have burnt a few calories.

  4. Lovely little Janet heard my human’s car yesterday and came over to see her. I wish she would come and visit me in my veranda, I have a feeling we could be friends. Not sure what Dorothy would say…..oh wait, best forget about it Janet.

  5. having to deal with the realisation that my dog is a raging tory. she goes absolutely bezerk when she sees people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters. id appreciate some privacy at this awful time. thank you x

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