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Davidd Was Tellin Me The Other Day That Blogs Used To Hve A Thing Called A Blogroll.. It Was A Simple Idea Bt One That I Thought Was Dead Good.. It Was Just A List On Ya Blog Of Other Blogs That Ya Used To Read So That If Anyone Lykd Ur Blog Then They Could Go && Read Other Blogs That Was On The Same Subject.. Everyone Used To Hve One.. I Lyk The Idea That Ya Read One Blog Then Click On A Random Blog In Their Blogroll && It Took You To Another Blog.. You Could Do It For Hours Readin Stuff That Might Be Good Or It Might Be A Pile Of Doodoo, Thats The Chance Ya Take.. If Ya Were Bored You Could Spend Hours Doin It.. So I Thought It Would Be Good If We Started One..

I Dont Read Any Blogs At The Moment Bt I Wanna Start.. See If I Can Find Blogs That Are Cool && Worth Reading.. If Ya Go Back Years, Davidd Used To Click On The First Blog In His Blogroll && See If They Had Posted Anythin Since The Last Time He Was There.. Then He Would Move Onto The Next One && So On.. It Was Lyk Havin A Subscription To Loads Of Blogs.. Bt Then Slowly People Started Movin Onto Facebook && Twitter && The Blogs Died.. I Think That Is Such A Shame Cos I Love Blogging.. Ya Dont Hve To Keep It To Only 280 Characters Etc, Ya Just Free To Do Wha Ya Want..

Davidd Told Me That There Used To Be Thousands Of Blogs About Everythin Ya Could Ever Think Of.. The First Blog He Used To Read Was By A Guy Called Elvis Presley (Not The Real One, Obvs!!) && He Used To Race 49cc Mopeds && Then Write About It.. They Used To Have A League && Everythin.. There Were Loads Of Other Blogs He Used To Read That Were About Peoples Hobbies Or Their Lives && Relationships.. Typical Of Davidd He Even Used To Read A Blog About A Girl Who Baked Cakes && She Met Another Blogger && They Got Married && Tha.. I Think Tha Is Fantastic.. Ya Hear Loads About Catfish All The Time So It Is Great When Ya Hear Of A Online Relationships That Actually Worked..

Blogroll Used To Be Built Into WordPress, The Thingy That Runs Ya Blog, Bt They Stopped It Yonks Ago Davidd Said.. So Now Ya Hve To Make One Yaself.. I Would Of Thought Everyone Would Love Havin A Blogroll If They Knew What It Was.. I Am New To Bloggin, So I Didnt Even Know What A Blogroll Was Bt If It Was Built In I Would Probably Hve One Cos I Love The Idea..

So Am Askin Davidd To Make A Blogroll On Our Blog && Then I Will Add Blogs To The List Every Now && Then When I Find One That I Think Is Good.. I Only Know One Blog At The Moment && That Is Jammy Toast, So I Will Hve To Find More && Then I Can Add Them To Our Blogroll && Yous Can Look At Them && See Wha Ya Think.. I Wonder If There Are Any Scouse Bloggers Out There?? Davidd Even Said He Doesnt Care What Kind Of Blogs I Find As Long As They Dont Write In The Andreaaease Language.. :roflao:

Another Thing Was I Told Davidd That I Wanted A Little Lyk Logo Thingy To Say How Much I Love Bloggin Now That I Am Gettin Used To It.. So He Has Made Me A Little Logo Which I Think Is Dead Good.. If Ya Look At The Bottom Of The Page You Will See The, “Im Proud To Be A Blogger,” Logo What He Done.. I Must Owe Davidd About A Hundred Thank Yous By Now Cos He Keeds Doin All These Things For Me..

So Davidd, Can Ya Do Me A Blogroll Pleazz??

Thanks Mate!!

Traa xx

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Andreaa Kurby

I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

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  1. A Blogroll was from the days when blogging was for fun. As soon as big business got involved they didn’t want a blogroll because it pushes people off their blog and onto other companies…

    Big business is an abomination.

  2. Most blogs are either businesses or selling stuff these days. No one just blogs for the fun of it like you guys.

  3. I have learnt that much this year I could be a blogger. I have learnt that being separated from some people for months is sometimes a blessing, pasta is never to be taken for granted, my roots don’t need doing as often as I thought, how much family is important, and also the lowest paid workers are worth ten of the bosses x

  4. We drove that car as far as we could, abandoned it out west.
    Split up on a dark sad night, both agreeing it was best.

  5. Bloody Hell Keep Having To Put The ‘Big Light’ On Earlier Every Night.. I do love Autumn though!!

  6. Just found a Belgian parachutists in our garden. Must of fell short of the Northern Irish border in the night?

    Anyway I’ve locked him in our shed. The filthy continental!

  7. Blogging was always so much work, and before I knew it, I was wasting my entire freaking day crafting, writing, perfecting….a blogroll sounds like more stuff to waste my time on…not that Jammy Toast is a waste of time!

  8. Them people tha start correcting ye spelling an tha while ye trying to have a beef are the fuckin worst humans.

  9. At least 30 people in that shop and I was one of only 5 wearing a mask. Good job east London. Excited to be locked down again and not get home for Xmas!

  10. I’m taking a bucket and ladder with me to watch the football at my mates house on Saturday. If the Batflu Bizzies raid the gaff, I can pretend I’m a window cleaner whilst the other 6 take in the game.

  11. Good commenting today everybody. Quite a few were on subject and to the point. Well done. Take a bow. Dave will be pleased!

  12. The government have now decided they’re gonna test everyone. All you need to do is send a stool sample to:

    Boris Johnson,
    10 Downing Street,
    SW1A 2AA

  13. I’d start a blog about seeing girls heart-broke over questionable creatures who sniff their boxies before they put them on in the mornin’ & think it’s sound to piss in their ma’s kitchen sink. Could you be arsed?

  14. If I only had one eye, there is no way I would risk losing the other by having a parrot with a sharp beak on me shoulder.

  15. “I’ve been finding things in the Forest,” said Tigger importantly. “I’ve found a pooh and a piglet and an eeyore, but I can’t find any breakfast.”
    “Don’t you know what Tiggers like?” asked Pooh.
    “I like everything in the world except honey and haycorns and thistles.”

  16. Rolf report 17 Sept

    I’ve developed a fascination with Dr Claudia’s houseplant. I don’t want to eat, lick or sniff it. I just like to wrap myself up in it. It makes Claudia laugh. Maybe it reminds me of the bushes I hide in on campus when I’m stalking little creatures.

    Rolf x

  17. Morning campers. I’m off to deal with whatever new shit life has to throw at me today. And ferry plasterers about…

  18. Do u know that the jellyfish has been around 650m yrs – 150m yrs longer than the fish. I don’t know why they have not evolved or at least set.

  19. hope you all (except the b*lds) have a wonderful day unless you grass on your neighbours to the government about the rule of 6, in which case i hope you get an incurable dose of thrush x

  20. When you have a dream that your fella cheated on you, the rules are you have to be in a mood with him in real life for at least 24 hours. Sorry men!

  21. Barbara and I are friends again after our little disagreement when I fell off the chair. He eats more quickly than I do but I didn’t mind, I’m just glad we are friends again. My human says that life’s too short to spend it arguing. What’s she on about?

  22. Can’t believe how much I used to actually use Facebook. Just went on it for a minute and wow. Moan moan moan bitch cry moan!

  23. Girl at work once asked me what Disney character I would be and I said Rafiki. She said no I meant what Disney Princess. Felt like a right dickhead.

    Think about that moment a lot.

  24. “No constable my next door neighbour must’ve been mistaken when they said we were having a loud party in our garden, we’re in fact having our annual musical grouse shoot, thanks for popping by though!”

  25. I’ve got money for anyone who’s got the rona to come with me while I hold down my first baby’s mum and you spit in her mouth n give her the rona good n proper. Btw ye big footed bitch, literally every bird I said I didn’t shag when we was together I did!

  26. Nothing says I’m passionate about my football team winning the league than leaving a dirty beach towel with their name on it dangling out of your bedroom window, months after the event.

  27. Best thing about booking gym sessions online is you can also cancel them online while you lie in bed eating cookies!

  28. How are them surgeons pure steady handed, should see the carry on out of me gettin a cuppa up the stairs.

  29. What is it with grandmas and pointing out you’re getting fat?! Diet can wait til tomorrow though because Gary’s cooking is on the cards today!

  30. I love passively aggressively saying “have a blessed life” to some c*nt, when really I mean I hope your life is shit and that you get chlamydia x

  31. Proper baffles me that the government are asking us to rat on our neighbours. Nay chance. What happened to nipping next door for some sugar?

  32. People often say that working for the TMB must be a bit like being in a Carry On film – well, we’ve certainly got our fair share of knockers.

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