Granny And The Pigeons

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For a few weeks now Granny has been feeding the pigeons that gather around the house. One or two of the birds used to be on the roof or in the back garden and Granny got into the habit of feeding them any left-over bread or some of the seeds she buys for the budgies. This then escalated, when she discovered that you could buy wild-bird food, to the point where she now spends more on bird-food than she does on human-food.

Classic Toasts Retold #1

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Chimpton; the only person in the history of holidays to take an Umbrella to the Caribbean.

Ihave recently been helping Edward restore all the old Jammy Toast posts stretching back to 2006. While I have been doing this, I have also been laughing at some of the old posts and the antics we got up to back in the days of yore. However, while I was busy helping Edward, I came across a glaring omission from some of the old posts. Back in those days Chimpton was a little more forthcoming and many of the Classic Toast posts tell her side of the story and yet fail to allow me the chance to reply. So working under the auspices of better late than never, I have decided to start a new series of posts today, where I can relay my side of some of the Classic Toast stories

Yorkshire: Land Of The Early To Bed – Revisited

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The White Horse pub where we stayed and the infamous Chippy next door.

Hello everyone, Razzi and I are back from our journey to the dark side with a word of advice to anyone who ever has to visit Ripon – DON’T – or at least don’t go via National Express. When I booked our tickets I wondered why the time-table stated 10:15am and when I clicked on the “Travel Later” button there wasn’t a later coach available. That is because it took us NINE HOURS. The coach travels via every tin-pot place in the country and stops for an hour at each, plus two hours in Manchester.

The Story Of Mick #2 – Revisited

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Now it came to pass, that the day for the visit to Disneyland finally arrived. Princess Chimpton, Queen Ananasty and Mick all met at Lime Street station and the journey to Paris began. Now if there is one thing that Princess Chimpton’s do not like it is travelling. By the time she had reached Paris she was well and truly travel sick and ready for bed. This left Mick all alone on his very first night in the romantic capital undertaking Queen babysitting and he wasn’t very pleased.

Old Toast Pictures

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Continuing our posts from the days of our original Blog, today we would like to feature some photographs. These photographs were posted under the category of Picture of The Day and were posted from time-to-time when we had nothing better to post. This was how it started out, however, some of the pictures we posted under this category were better than many of our posts – in fact, some of them were pure classics…

The Mystery Of The Missing Sock – Revisited

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Hello People, Queen Ananasty here. Today I am going to tell you the story of when we went to the cinema and coursed mayhem. So, me, Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave went to watch the Disney film Heffalump – yes Servant Dave is a big child who loves Disney Films. So the film begins and as usual, me and Dave start messing around making each other laugh, doing daft things to each other. Daft things such as I took a sweet and ate it only I didn’t like it and as I know Dave is a dust bin I offered him my sweet and he ate it, but erm… I forgot to tell him I had chewed it first hahah!

The Story Of Mick #1 – Revisited

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Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away when Princess Chimpton and Servant Dave worked together for a lowly training company there was a man by the name of Mick. Now Mick was a jovial chap, a happy-go-lucky kind of guy without a care in the world and he also worked at the training company with the gruesome twosome.