Kill Two Birds…

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Razzi and I are not really great followers of fashion but we have both agreed there is something to be said for the new design beach shorts. You can never trust the weather here in England, so we can both see the benefit of plastic beach shorts – Cool for the sunny days but provide some shelter if you get caught in a shower. I promise we have not made this up, they are really something that exist – and they can be yours for just £22.42. They are definitely designed to cause a strong impression when we both hit the beach and are a change from the usual swimming trunks.

This Time Next Year, We’ll Be Millionaires

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Chimpton and I have joked for years that we will discover a get-rich-quick scheme and retire to sunnier climes – with the bears of course. We actually have a friend in America who works for the porn industry, who did make Chimpton a few offers but she decided perhaps that was a step too far. However, I think I have now found the perfect scheme which requires the least amount of input and seems to offer vast rewards. In the words of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Edward Trotter, “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires.”