Men Ain’t Shit

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AFew Of Me Mates Have This Saying, “Men Ain’t Shit!!” Everytime I Hear That It Makes Me Laugh.. I Never Did Me GCSE In English Bu I Do Know What A Double-Negative Is, So It Doesnt Really Make Sense.. I Still Get What They Mean Though.. Most Of The Mates Am Talkin About Have Been Cheated On By Lads Which Is Why They Use The Saying.. I Have Told You Before About The Miscarriage I Had When I Was With Liam Bu I Also Had Another One When I Was With Anthony.. I Know It Is A Man Thing To Block Out All The Painful Shit In Their Lives Bu The Reason We Split Up Was That He Just Wouldnt Talk To Me About Our Miscarriage.. I Know Inside He Was Hurtin, Probably Just As Bad As Me, Bu He Would Never Talk To Me About It Or Even Let Us Comfort Each Other.. I Have Often Thought About Him Since && I Hoped He Was Okay, I Dont Wish Him Any Harm, I Dont Have Any Reason To.. The Miscarriage Wasnt His Fault It Was Just Life..

Zoe’s Mum

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My Best Mate Zoe Was My First ‘Adult’ Friend.. Ya Know When Ya Leave School && One By One Most Of Your ‘School’ Friends Die Off && You Start Makin ‘Adult’ Friends.. So Zoe Was The First One I Had && Her Mum Was Pretty Cool Too.. You Know When Ya Go To A Family Occasion && Your Mum Stops You From Drinkin Too Much && Makes Sure You Get Home Safely.. In Zoes Family It Was The Other Way Round.. Zoe Always Had To Make Sure That Her Mum Got Home Cos She Sure Knew How To Party.. Zoe Used To Get Away With Anythin Bt My Mum Would Hit The Roof If I Did Half Of What Zoe Did.. I Always Used To Say I Was Leavin Home && Goin To Live With Zoe && Me Mum Used To Threaten To Help Me Pack Me Bags.. That Is Why I Was So Surprised When Zoe Wanted To Leave Home && Get A Flat Of Her Own.. I Would Have Stayed With Her Mum Until The Day I Died If That Was Me..

I Used To Get Spoilt At Christmas

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IUsed To Love Christmas When I Was Little.. I Was Spoilt Rotten Cos I Had Three Christmasses Every Year.. On Christmas Eve I Would Go && Stay With My Grandparents && Have A Christmas There.. Then I Would Come Home For Christmas Day && Have A Christmas At Home.. Then On Boxin Day I Would Go Me Other Grandparents && Have Another Christmas There.. Cos I Am The Baby Of The Family It Was Just Me Too At Me Grandparents So I Always Got More Pressies Than All The Others.. Before He Died Me Granddad Used To Live With Us.. He Was Frm Me Mums Side Of The Family, The Other Granddad Is Still Alive, Just In Case Ya Gettin Mixed Up.. I Really Used To Love Me Granddad && Even Though I Was A Terrible Teen At The Time I Would Love It If He Come In Me Room.. Ya See Some Kids Shoutin, “Get Out Me Room!!” At Parents Or Grandparents, Bt I Would Never Shout At Me Granddad.. I Think I Hve Told Yas Some Stories About Him Bein A Hero Durin The War && Even When He Was An Old Man He Never Took Shit Off No One..

My Dad

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IHve Three Sisters.. Julie Is The Oldest, Then Vikki, Then Our Danielle && Then Me, The Baby Of The Family.. Thats Four Females && Me Mum, No Wonder Me Dad Left Home, The Poor Bugger.. I Hve Mentioned Me Dad A Few Times In Passing, Bt I Hvent Told Yas Any Details.. He Doesnt Live With Us Cos He Was A Little Shit To Me Mum && I Think I Am The Only One Of Us Who Will Actually Speak To Him.. Sometimes If Me Mum Is Havin A Bad Day, I Find It Extra Hard To Speak To Him && Be Nice.. He Did Used To Live With Us Until I Was About Twelve.. He Was A Normal Dad Who Loved His Football && Went The Pub Now && Then.. He Was Always The Sort Of Dad Who Would Put Stuff On Facebook Lyk, “Good Mornin To My Girls, The Rest Of You Can Go F*ck Urselves..” It Might Be A Bit Tongue-In-Cheek Bt It Was Funny && Always Used To Make Me Laugh.. Bt Two Days After Puttin That On Facey He Would Forget Ur Birthday.. That Is The Sort Of Person He Was, && Still Is Really..