Jammy Toast Dogs #12

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Our current German Shepherd is a dog by the name of Rico. Rico is a little bit special in that everything on this planet is only here to entertain him, or at least that’s how he thinks. Rico didn’t have a very promising start to life as his first owner died. The family didn’t really know what to do with him and so they left him in his former owners flat and just went a couple of times a day to let him out and to feed him. That situation lasted for around six months. Eventually he was given to the Dog’s Trust in Liverpool who manged to rehome him with another family. Unfortunately, the man from his new family had an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. Rico’s new family were still determined to keep him up until the point he decided it would be good fun to attack the wheels on his owner’s wheelchair. After this latest trick he was returned to the Dog’s Trust and that is where we found him.

Jammy Toast Dogs #11

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Last time I told you how we went to a dog show and saw a white, long haired German Shepherd win the best in breed prize and nearly cause a riot. From that moment forth Davidd was determined we were going to get one. The owner of the winning dog had given us the contact details in Wrexham of the breeder of her dog and Davidd was resolute in his desire to get one and terrorise the local breeding community. He rang her the following week and arranged for us to go and view a new litter of puppies that were around four weeks old at the time.

Remembering Better Days

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Iwas reading our local paper, the Wirral Globe, the other week when I came across a story which brought back many memories. The story concerned a derelict crane collapsing into the River Mersey. Nothing too exciting, it was only few paragraphs explaining that emergency services had been called in the early evening following reports of the crane collapsing into the river from a derelict jetty in Rock Ferry. The story went on to explain that Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team attended and checked the area to make sure the collapse had not caused any damage to nearby vessels. No-one was injured during the collapse. In a statement, the Coastguard said: “Luckily, members of the public who had witnessed the crane collapsing confirmed that no-one was involved and that the crane was now fully submerged.” Not the most exciting story ever told by the Globe but one which brought memories of better times down at Tranmere.

Jammy Toast Dogs #10

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All the German Shepherds we have owned went to training classes as puppies. Some of them really enjoyed it and so went for longer than those who didn’t really like the experience. For example, Max loved every type of training class he went to – obedience and agility. I think he loved them because it was a chance to work with his humans and he loved his humans like no other dog I have ever known. Max even entered some competitions – just small, local events nothing too grandiose – and enjoyed the experience. On the other hand, Major hated being told what to do and any form of fun that didn’t involve his football was not for him.

Bimbo’s Cars #5

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Hello, my name is Bimbo. I am Great Uncle to all the bears even though I am not really a Renault Bear myself. It is a bit of an honorary title because I am a very old teddy bear. Today, I have talked Davidd into letting me continue a series of posts about the cars we have owned which I started back in 2013. Stretching back to the 1960s and running through to the modern day, I hope to cover every car we have ever owned and tell you a little bit about them. We spend a great deal of time during our lifetimes in cars but we quite often take them for granted. However, some cars are fascinating pieces of engineering which is why I originally thought this would make a great idea for a column.

Jammy Toast Dogs #9

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Today I am going to continue with our series of posts telling you all about the doggies we have had the fortune to have known over the years. We really love German Shepherds, or Alsatians, here at Jammy Toast – mostly because they are so loving and intelligent. They make great guard dogs but are also friendly towards the rest of their pack – human, bear or otherwise. The first German Shepherd we ever had was a character by the name of Max. Just like his owner, Max was a little special and had a few social problems. These problems usually manifested themselves in his desire to kill anyone he met. Other dogs we have known have been a little more sociable

Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #30

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Robbs Department Store situated on the left opposite Pykes and the Army & Navy Stores.

The very first thing I can remember as a young bear was sitting in Robbs Department Store in Birkenhead. Robbs – or Robb Brothers Limited, to give it the correct title – was a large department store established in Charing Cross, Birkenhead in 1872. There were lots of shops in Grange Road. At the Grange Road West end is where “Robbs” stood, a large store which was rather up market compared to Allinson’s at the other end of Grange Road. In between – from what I can remember – there was Woodson’s (a grocery shop), Waterworth’s (a green grocers), Timpson’s (the shoe shop), Pyke’s (the jewellers), The Co-op and Woolworths plus many more.