Jammy Toast Returns

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Hello Toasters, it is great to be back… we have missed you all – well, most of you anyway. First of all we would just like to apologise for our sudden disappearance without any notice but everything suddenly fell into place for us to do the upgrades that have been overdue for some time. The more observant of you may notice that we have split Jammy Toast in half too. Here on jammytoast.com we are only now hosting posts from September 2015 onwards. The plan is to create another site which will become an archive for all our old post prior to that date right back to when we started in June 2006.

Guest Bloggers

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One of my favourite things here on Jammy Toast has been the introduction of guest bloggers. Andreaa Angel, Pot Noddle and Lisa “W” have all started regularly contributing to Jammy Toast and furthermore, they all seem to be popular with you, our readers – or Toasters as we refer to you all. I initially asked the terrible trio to write something every week/month for inclusion and they have all proven true to their word. Although they are perfectly free to stop writing for us at any time, there is a slight pressure to produce the goods every month. This I feel might put others off from also wanting to contribute to the annals of Jammy Toast. Working on the old adage that everyone has at least one good story in them, maybe some of you feel like you could write something for inclusion here but without the pressure of me chasing you for stories every month. So this is exactly what we are going to try – one-off stories from you, our toasters.

HMS Jammy Toast Hits An Iceberg

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Houston, we have a problem. There is trouble at mill, the good ship HMS Jammy Toast has hit an iceberg – we bears are not happy. The problem is that as some of our human authors have become more popular, it has pushed us bear authors out and we don’t get a chance to post. In fact, Erik ‘The Hat’, Great Uncle Bimbo and Flat Eric are the only bears who have a chance to post at least monthly. Others – including Razzi, Edward, Egginanoo, Einstein and George – have been pushed out and only occasionally or very rarely get the chance to post anything at all. Furthermore, another one of our bears, Erika, has been asking for a chance to start her own series of posts off for some time now and every month we simple run out of days. In a nutshell, we have over forty posts/posters who want to post something every month and yet there are only around thirty days in each month.

Thoughts On Jammy Toast From Brian Cox

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Here at Jammy Toast we love Professor Brian Cox OBE, FRS and all the fantastic television programmes he makes about physics and astronomy – especially the Wonders of… series. He has a way of making everything he talks about clear, precise and even understandable to use non-techies. We have even tried reading a couple of his books, Why Does E=mc2 and The Quantum Universe – neither of which (just like Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time) made a bit of sense to us. So we love Brian but what does Brian think of Jammy Toast? As he works just up the road at the University of Manchester, we thought we would ask

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends

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Some of you may have been wondering where the hell we have been after we disappeared so quickly and without much notice last weekend. As many of you would have been aware, before we vanished we had been working on restoring all our archive and classic posts – a big job in itself as we have 3,791 posts with over 70,000 comments stretching back to 2006. The frustrating part was how long the whole process was taking. Edward and I were getting through about a dozen posts a day – on a good day – checking them, replacing missing media and solving layout problems. This meant it was going to take over a year to complete. We were also being slowed down by having to write new posts and moderate comments, etc. We needed a cunning plan!

Classic Toast Archive Posts

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For the last few months, Edward has been hard at work collating and restoring old Jammy Toast posts. He finished most of this work last week and we are now in the process of restoring these posts to Jammy Toast. If you look on the Archives list to the right of this post (it may be down at the bottom of your screen if you are using a phone) you will notice that the archive list now stretches back to June 2006 when we first started blogging. You might also notice that in the Categories list there is a category called “Archive Post”, these old posts will also be available here if you click on it.