Mystery Solved

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Photo by Rept0n1x at Wikimedia Commons.

Many years ago, I came across a stone in Birkenhead Park. When I say a stone, I don’t mean a pebble, I mean a big stone. It was like a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey except our monolith had railings around it. It wasn’t as big as the monolith in the film and there were definitely no monkeys bashing each other over the head with leg bones. The stone is not on the same scale as Stonehenge either, so that was another explanation ruled out. I was at a loss as to its origins. There was some writing on one side of the stone but it was badly weather damaged and had some sort of lime-scale on it making it mostly illegible. One thing I did notice was that some of the writing on the stone that was just about legible, was not in English. I was at a loss for an explanation as to the reason for the stone and to why it was where it was.

My Beautiful Neighbourhood

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Agood few years ago now I left Jammy Toast and set up home on my own with Eddie and a few of his bear mates. I moved into a lovely little complex with a courtyard which is situated just around the corner from the world-famous Hamilton Square. The square is filled with rather eloquent Victorian houses designed as a replica of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake with beautiful manicured lawns, rose and pansy beds not to mention Birkenhead’s picturesque Town Hall. A few years ago the problems started with shops closing, three banks closed down and generally businesses started leaving the area. The place has been sliding down hill ever since. Being so close to the shiny lights of Liverpool many more businesses upped and moved over the water leaving the Square looking empty and rather dishevelled.

Ghost Ship Washed Up By Dennis

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An abandoned “ghost” ship has been found washed up off the coast of County Cork, Ireland, just a couple of weeks after Storm Dennis battered our shores. Aerial footage by the Irish Coast Guard showed the 260 foot cargo ship MV Alta stuck on the rocks near the village of Ballycotton. Photographers have now been able to visit the area and capture the dramatic sight of the rusting ship against the Irish landscape. The vessel appears to have drifted thousands of miles over more than a year, from the south-east of Bermuda in 2018, across the Atlantic Ocean. Previously, the US Coast Guard rescued the crew members in September 2018.

The Blood Tub

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There is a lady on Twitter who Tweets old pictures of Birkenhead and many of them bring back so many memories of years gone by. Unfortunately, there is also a man who does similar Tweets but wants to be the only one doing it and so reports our lady for copyright infringement – she is currently missing from my list of people I am following probably because he has reported her again. However, before she disappeared again, she spent a day posting pictures of old Birkenhead public houses. All the old “ale houses” from around the town, some good and some not quite so good but it was the picture above which really caught my eye.

Byrne Avenue Flasher Revealed

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The Grade II-listed building, which dates back to the 1930s, is currently undergoing restoration.

Usually here at Jammy Toast, if we reminisce about bygone days we let Great Uncle Bimbo tell you the story. He has a great memory. However, for this tale I think it best if Bimbo doesn’t know anything about it. When I was a schoolboy aged around fourteen, I used to spend most days of the school summer holidays at the baths. If the weather was glorious then we would head out to New Ferry open air baths where you paid your entrance fee and that was it – you were in for the day swimming to your hearts content. If the weather was not so wonderful then it would be Byrne Avenue baths which were under cover. The only problem with these baths was that you paid your money and you got to swim for an hour and then were given the order of the boot.

William MacKenzie Update

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Old, grainy photograph purported to be of William MacKenzie standing outside St Andrew’s Church.

Last year I told everyone the story of William MacKenzie – you can read the full story here but here is the short version. William Mackenzie was an Anglo-Scottish Civil Engineer and Civil Engineering Contractor who was one of the leading European contractors in the 1840s. He was born near Nelson, Lancashire, England, the eldest of the 11 children of Alexander Mackenzie, a Scottish contractor, and Mary née Roberts. He started his career as an apprentice weaver but changed to civil engineering, becoming a very successful civil engineer undertaking work on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway between Edge Hill and Lime Street. During his lifetime he amassed a large amount of money.

Dad Put Off His Fish And Chips By Dogging

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Here at Jammy Toast we were shocked to learn this week that an angry Wirral resident is boycotting two local beauty spots because Doggers are putting him off his fish and chips. The Wallasey man has witnessed public masturbation and people “bent over car bonnets” at two Wirral locations. Explaining that dozens of people could be seen regularly taking part in dogging activities, the resident, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s going on 24 hours a day. We used to take the dogs there but we’ve had to stop. People on car bonnets, bent over, going off with each other, using their apps and what not. Flashing their lights at each other. We’ve been down there eating our fish and chips and there are people performing sex acts at their windows. You get threats and all sorts.”