The Big Six Zero

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Davidd Aged 8, Sporting One Of Granny’s Infamous Haircuts.

Sixty Years Ago Today, In The Early Hours Of The Mornin, Granny Was Lyin In St Catherines Hospital Tryin To Deliver A Bloody Big Baby.. She Had Been Tryin To Deliver It For 48 Hours && Was Gettin Nowhere Fast When The Midwife Said, “Go Ed Girl, Give It One Last Go!!” && Out Popped This Baby At 4:19am.. There Was Only Granny && The Baby There Cos The Babys Dad Was Away At Sea In The Merchant Navy.. The Next Mornin The Babies Grandparents Came Up To See Granny && The Baby.. It Was A Monday Mornin Bt The Babies Granddad, Who Was Called ‘Da’, Didnt Go Back To Work.. He Went To The Shops && Got A Teddy Bear Called Bimbo.. That Night He Took Bimbo Up To The Hospital To Give To The Baby Bt The Nurses Wouldnt Let Him In.. They Said That Night Time Visitin Was For Fathers Only.. Da Said That He Was The Father && They All Give Him A Funny Look Bt Let Him In.. Da Gave The Bimbo The Teddy Bear To The Baby && The Two Of Them Hve Been Together Ever Since.. Obvs The Baby Was Davidd && The Teddy Bear Was Great Uncle Bimbo..

Back Buchanan Street

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IOnly Know About Livin In Kirkby Cos I Never Lived Nowhere Else.. Bt Me Granddad Used To Tell Me Stories About Livin In Everton Valley In Liverpool.. None Of The Houses That He Used To Live In Are Left Now, They Was All Knocked Down Because They Used To Call Them Slums.. Thousands Of People Woz Kicked Out Of Their Homes && Had To Move To Either Kirkby, Speke, Widnes Or Skelmersdale.. Just So They Could Knock Their Houses Down.. Me Granddad Said It Was Called Progress Bt Really It Was Just Slum Clearance.. He Said That The City Changed Forever.. Scotland Road (Or Scottie Road As Everyone Calls It) && Everton Valley Was Basically Bulldozed To The Ground.. Even Though No One Wanted It To Happen, It Was Still Flatened..

Da Brings Great Uncle Bimbo Home

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As we have thrown the old Jammy Toast out with the bath water and started over, I thought I would start right at the very beginning with my first ever day in this world. Although, if I am completely honest, I don’t really remember much about it but I am reliably informed that it did happen. I was born at 4:19am on the morning of 24th October 1960 at St Catherine’s Hospital. I was all alone with just Granny for company. Try and stick with me here because this could get very confusing regarding names. Granny is really my mother but because my daughter calls her ‘Granny’, the name has stuck and these days we all call her Granny. Anyway, back to the hospital, the reason I was all alone with Granny was because my Dad was in the Merchant Navy and he was away at sea.