Miss Chimpton Replies

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Today, I would like to set the record straight concerning yesterday’s post concerning my accusations of neglect of the bears by the Bearkeeper and the Jammy Toast logo being “bling”. I shall address the issues which have been raised, not by me but, by exaggeration and the over active imagination of Mr Bearkeeper. In other words, he is just trying to stir up trouble for his own satisfaction and to cause a war of words here on the Bear Blog.

Accusations Of Bear Neglect and “Bling”

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We have been accused of having a “Bling” logo on our website and that we do not look after our bears properly. The accusations come from Miss Chimpton who says we have far too many bears to be able to care for them as well as we should. When I explained that we do not look after our bears, because here at Bear Sanctuary we teach our bears to be self-sufficient, she would have none of it. However, it is the accusation of “bling” that has really upset Egginanoo.

Don’t Let Him Out!

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A man was jailed yesterday, unfortunately only for eight months, after admitting stealing from charity shops and poppy appeal tins – just weeks after being released from prison for the same crime. Bradley Higham was sentenced at Warrington Crown Court after admitting the thefts in Frodsham and Helsby. He was jailed for eight months to run concurrently.

Why So Much Anger?

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We do have to wonder just what the world is coming to following this latest festive season. If you pick the papers up today you can read all about how two people were stabbed yesterday in the Boxing Day Sales. What appears to be no more than a result of hustle and bustle at the sales has resulted in one man being knifed outside a Foot Locker store in Oxford Street. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a second stabbing happen just a few hours later further along the same street.

Mindless Thugs!

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The Bears have been shocked by the mindless thugs who have been out rioting and looting around the country. What started out as a demonstration against the shooting of a man by the police in London has grown into mindless violence and thuggery. The youths on the streets who are attacking people and damaging private property are not doing it to demonstrate against the police or the lack of employment, they are doing it to loot and get something for nothing – it is as simple as that!

Bears Shocked At Complaints

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This week is one of the favourite weeks in our Bear’s year – the week of the Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals with the Final to come on Saturday. During the last two nights, some friendly banter and arguments have broken out over who should go through and who is not good enough for the Final. One person all The Bears did enjoy was The Regurgitator!

Is Granny Right?

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Most of The Bears feel today is too hot for blogging. No one could be bothered to think of anything to blog about and many of The Bears refused to move out of the sun. As far as we are aware, Bears do not get sunburn because their fur protects them from the sun. Therefore, they are lazing around the Bear Sanctuary soaking up the rays while the sun is out.