The Story Of Mr Edward And Young Acorn

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We received an email over Christmas asking if we could possibly take in a couple of bears who had gone through a big upheaval in their lives. We get emails like this from time to time when kids outgrow their teddy bears and we are usually happy to help – this is one of the reasons why we have over three hundred bears here at Jammy Toast. This story, however, was a little different. Unfortunately, this was not a bear whose human had grown up and out grown them, this was a lady who had owned Mr Edward since she was at school and now was in no condition to be able to continue looking after him.

Razzi And The Big Brexit Problem

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Razzi pictured with his best friend, Pookie.

Our Razzi can be a complicated little soul. He is usually full of the joys of spring but it is easy to notice if something is troubling him because he goes quiet and sullen. I have noticed during the past couple of weeks he has not been himself – something has obviously been on his mind. Yesterday, we sat down to watch the Russian Grand Prix and I thought this was a good opportunity to have a little chat while his mind was occupied on the race. It was just as I thought, we have a worried bear on our hands.

PTSD And Memory Loss In Renault Bears

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Eddie & Chimpy having a little talk in bed.

Renault Bears have a great little defence mechanism to protect us from harm. Our bearkeeper first came across Renault Bears in 2006 when he was asked to take a Renault Bear on holiday with him. The bear, like so many others, had been discovered in a charity shop window by a friend of our bearkeeper called Tony. Tony was walking past an Age Concern shop one day, when he noticed two little eyes looking out at him. Tony smiled at the bear who, being a polite bear, smiled and nodded back at Tony. During the rest of that day, Tony couldn’t get that little bear out of his head. That night he actually worried what would become of that little bear.

This Day Through History

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If you have looked at the calendar today you may have noticed that it is 24th October 2018. This is a significant day in history and one which the United Nations has declared should be a National Holiday in all member states. Not that the British government takes any notice when it comes to handing out holidays. So why is this day so special? Here is the list…

Eddie Has A Little Health Scare

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This week Eddie and I visited our local Health Clinic for a Well-Bear Check-Up. Eddie hasn’t been feeling himself over the past few weeks and we both thought a MOT was in order. So we took ourselves off to see a professional Bear Medic. We had a little chat with the nurse on the way in and she took down his vitals; weight, height and blood pressure. These were all fine. The nurse then started to ask a few rather probing questions, Eddie found these a little embarrassing and they were not to his liking. He gave the nurse a very hard stare at one point but she explained that asking such questions about his bowel movements were essential to try and ensure he was fit and well.

Monaco Bear [Repost]

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For some time now, Razzi has been asking if we could get him a Steiff Bear as a little companion. Although he already has Pookie, I thought it might be a good idea. Because of the history of the Steiff Company, to bring one of their bears to join us here at Jammy Toast would be fantastic. After searching for a while, we discovered that the most expensive Steiff Bear ever sold was a Steiff Monaco Bear which sold for £130,190. It was dressed by Louis Vuitton and sold at a charity auction in Monaco. Razzi said he had to have one of those!

Where Is Edward?

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Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t heard much from Edward lately. He hasn’t written anything for his column for some time and there has been nothing much new in the way of innovation around Jammy Toast. “Has he left home?” I was asked last night. Well, to put everyone out of their misery, he has started wading through all our old posts going back to 2006 when we first started a blog off with a view to starting up an archive of old posts.